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Football Manager 2023’s beta is out worldwide, and players can officially dive into their managerial careers.
The full game is set to release on November 8th, but players can start their saves, safe in the knowledge that it will carry over to the full game, should you want to dive back in from next month.
Of course, that might depend on how successful you are in your save, but you may reach a point of no return where you think you need to resign.
This may be because of poor results – maybe the board at Manchester United are breathing down your neck as you’re struggling to qualify for the Champions League – or because you may want to apply for a new job and risk irritating your board.
We should say here that FM23 is not particularly easy; there have been refinements made to the AI in the match engine, and they are much better at responding to your tactics.
Should you wish to fall on your sword at a club, for whatever reason, here’s how to do it.
We’ve spent over 20 hours in FM and while we haven’t needed to hand in our notice just yet, it’s a really easy process.
Of course, as we’ve said, you may be in a position where you’re losing games and you feel that you need to leave for a new challenge, so you’ll head to the board and tell them that you’re willing to leave the club.
It’s a very simple process; follow these steps if you need to resign.
Once you’ve resigned, the board will accept your resignation and you will be taken to the news screen, where suggestions will be made for you to unfollow certain news items.
You can begin looking for a new job straight away but the new role you can get will be dependent on the reputation you’ve chosen to begin with, and the results at the club you’ve left.
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If you’ve resigned with a club bottom of the league and set for relegation, you’re not going to waltz into a new role.
It may take some time, so bear that in mind.
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