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There are 18 classes characters can become in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, not including the six demihuman races and 18 different types of monster units.
The number of possible parties in Tactics Ogre: Reborn is staggering. There are 18 classes characters can become, and that doesn't include the six demihuman races and 18 different types of monster units. On top of this, there are many NPCs with unique classes. Most of these NPCs are better than standard characters – like the protagonist, Denam. It is impossible to get all the NPCs, as whatever route (Law, Neutral, Chaos) the player chooses will bar some NPCs from joining the player.
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This guide will help steer players toward the optimal party. As with games like Tactic Ogre: Reborn, each player has their own preferences; some players prefer to load up on characters that can attack from a distance and cast offensive spells. The party build below is considered, in general, the party that gives the best chance of victory.
Denam is the protagonist and can become a unique class – the Lord. As a Lord, Denam acts much like a Fighter class but has more health and better attack capabilities than the standard fighter classes. Lords can also use any Skill, from any class. Skills must still be acquired from other classes though. The Lord class doesn't provide them; only the ability to use them. The player has access to Denam from the beginning of the game.
The eagle man Conopus joins the team very early in the game, and throughout the game, he is consistently one the strongest characters in battle. As a flying unit, it is smart to use Conopus as an Archer; fly him to a high point and start raining down arrows on the enemy force. Canopus gets some useful skills as well as a Vartan, but the Double Attack skill is a good reason to make Canopus an Archer.
Deneb is one of the most difficult characters to recruit. The grind is well worth the effort, so long as the player gets 30 Glass Pumpkins to unlock her Wicce class option. Without this, Deneb is still a great character, but it pays to get the Glass Pumpkins. Deneb can be recruited in Chapter 4. Make sure to read the entry in the Warren Report titled Deneb's Emporium to begin the process.
When it comes to attack spells the Shaman class can't be beaten. The class can use both the powerful Apocrypha spells and summoning magic. A handful of characters can be Shamans, including Deneb, but Sherri is probably the best choice.
She can be recruited in Chapter 4 during the battle at Hagia Banhamuba; Sherri's hit points need to be reduced to less than 10% during the fight. After this, she can be encountered at Balmamusa if Olivya is with Denam.
There are very few things Ozma can't do. She is good with weapons, and she is good at spellcasting. More importantly, Ozma is one of four characters that can become a White Knight. She is the only character that can become a Knight Commander – one of the best classes in the game. Recruit Ozma after the battle at Hagia Banhamuba, but only if the player is on the Law route.
Having a few melee fighters is necessary to keep opposing fighter types from reaching the party's spellcasters and archers. That's why Hobyrim is here. As a Swordmaster, Hobyrim can easily run interference on the battlefield.
Just be sure he has the Preempt, Sidestep, and Knockback skills, or he can be overwhelmed by a group of melee fighters. With these abilities, enemies will have a tough time landing a hit on Hobyrim.
Ravness is similar to Ozma and begins as a White Knight. This class trades a little bit of the defense of the standard Knight class for some really useful skills. The most notable of these skills is Velocity Shift and Paralysis Blade.
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Plus, the White Knight can be used as a front-line healer in a pinch. Ravness can be recruited regardless of which route the player takes; however, getting her to join is a multistep process that begins in Chapter 1 and ends in Chapter 3.
It is best to put together a balanced party. A group of Rune Fencers/Valkyries is tempting (and potent), but players never know what will transpire during a battle. So, it's best to make sure the party is equipped to handle any situation by diversifying its composition. At least one archer is recommended.
The player can make Canopus the Archer, though in any event, it is usually best to make the Archer of the party a Hawkman. This will make it a lot easier to get the archer to an elevated position. There's nothing wrong with having two Archers in the party. Doing this increases the odds of taking out a weakened enemy unit before they get another turn.
A healer of some kind is also useful – especially in the first couple of chapters. Clerics not only fill this role, but they can also eliminate undead enemies easily. Ninjas/Kunoichi make excellent additions to a party.
They are highly mobile, have decent skills like Double Attack, and have access to useful spells. Cistina makes an excellent Ninja. At least one Dragoon is almost necessary for some of the late-game fights (which start including numerous powerful monsters).
A Wizard/Enchantress, and then later a Warlock/Witch, are excellent for hitting multiple units with one powerful attack. There are several recruitable Wizards, like Bayin, who make valuable additions to the party. Cistina and Bayin can be recruited in Chapter 2 – just make sure to check the Warren Report after each fight.
If a player is looking for some tank-ish melee fighters, the Rune Fencers and Terror Knights are incredibly effective in that role. Berserkers are another good melee type, though it's best to use one of the unique recruitable characters as a Berserker rather than a hired soldier.
There are several monsters that are worth recruiting. Dragons are, of course, powerful units on the battlefield. Faeries make excellent archers – that also eventually get healing capabilities. Lizardmen are strong frontline fighters capable of using a large variety of weapons.
A Juggernaut Lizardman is capable of silencing opposing spellcasters, and the Patriarch class allows Lizardmen to cast the most powerful summoning spells. Griffons equipped with healing potions are able to quickly get to an injured teammate, and (generally) able to defend themselves better than clerics.
Tactics Ogre: Reborn was released on November 11, 2022, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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