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Sep 13, 2021
The GWW gaming team has put together a list of their top games to play while stuck waiting. Are any of these on your list?
Published by: Jam City
Released on: July 14, 2016
Lately, one of the games that I’ve been playing while stuck waiting somewhere is Disney Emoji Blitz. Yes, I know it seems like just another funnel for Disney to grab more money from us, and it could, but I try not to let it (I’m usually pretty anal when it comes to micro-transactions). It is a Match-3 type game where you use emojis of many characters from most of the Disney properties (Disney, Pixar, Star Wars). You earn more emojis that you can use by collecting gold, special events they have going on nearly all the time, and special boxes.
It does have a limiting factor where you have so many hearts that need to regenerate before you can play though there are ways to earn them. It also has a bonus of emojis that you earn that can be used as part of a keyboard so you can send them to your family and friends. Overall, it is simplistic but challenging, allows some mindless entertainment, and can be fun.p gets more powerful, numerous, and much more dangerous.

Christopher Scott
Developed by: Kiloo, SYBO Games
on: May 23, 2012
A mobile game that I keep coming back to repeatedly while waiting for anything is Subway Surfers. Waiting sucks, and trying to play or start a game where you are unsure how long the wait is even worse. Subway Surfers is perfect for playing a round or two or just give up in the middle of one.
As it is an old game, I was still surprised it was being updated consistently. The updates add more characters to choose from and change the design of the level. These new updates are perfect for quick games, especially with waiting for anything.
The thing I like most about Subway Surfer is that it works for older phones with no problems. Using an iPhone X, the newer games run poorly. To avoid all of that, I stick with a classic mobile game that came out in 2012.
An honorable mention does go to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. If I had a newer phone, I would play it more often. It is a good game, but it’s better for longer wait times with how much you can do.

Brian Villar
Published by: New Star Games
Released on: 2020/2021

It is fall and that means it is time for the kickoff of the NFL. Retro Bowl (2020) is an 8-bit inspired mobile game that takes inspiration from NES’s Tecmo Bowl. However, if your football preferences are more international, Retro Goal delivers a satisfying 16-bit soccer experience. Each game is perfect for sports fans looking to scratch a competitive itch while waiting or offline.
Both Retro Bowl (2020) and Retro Goal (2021) are developed by New Star Games, a small London-based studio. Fortunately, both games share a reasonably deep franchise mode where players trade, draft and hire players, sign coaches, deal with salary issues, and get hired by other teams. 
Retro Bowl uses a touch screen dragging mechanic to pass and swiping to run. Similarly, Retro Goal uses touch screen dragging to pass and shoot. Defense is automatic in both games. Games play out quickly in two to three minutes.
The charming 8 and 16-bit graphic styles disguise the engaging gameplay and franchise experiences Retro Bowl and Retro Goal offer. $0.99 unlocks unlimited play and the only microtransactions are for credits to sign players. Retro Goal does have $2.49 and $3.49 high-end players, but they are not required to build successful franchises. 
After over 100 seasons in Retro Bowl and 17 seasons of Retro Goal, they are go-to games for a quick sports fix. One quick game often turns into another. Fans of football on any continent have something to enjoy here.

Percy Waelchl
Published by: RobTop Games
Released by: August 13, 2013

You might be nervous and in serious need of a distraction or bored and in need of a button to press. Either way, look no further than Geometry Dash! This deceptively challenging game has one mechanic – tap the screen if you want to live. There is no story to get wrapped up in. It’s just a retro-inspired game where you tap to jump over cliffs and spikes while jamming out to the music.
The thing that draws me to this game the most while camped out in a waiting room is the lack of stakes. You are allowed to start from any level you have completed; so, you don’t have to worry about lost progress if you are called before expected. Your character can look different as you unlock different skins. As levels are completed, new ones unlock. I did spend money on this one even though there is a free version. I found that if I’m going to be tapping, I need to have it ad-free. Overall, this is a great game.
Heather E. Houston
Published by: N3TWORK Inc.
Released on: August 20, 2021
It’s very odd that a mobile game grabs my attention for more than five minutes. When it comes to gaming, I want to be sitting in front of my TV holding my PlayStation dual sense or my Switch Controller, it’s just how I game. A couple of weeks ago, as I was preparing to have a day full of errands to run, I decided to download a game for my iPhone, and I was glad I did. I downloaded a game called Tetris Beat, and let me tell you, Tetris Beat had me hooked from the very beginning.
This game brings everything I loved about Tetris and it did it perfectly. I love that Tetris Beat allows me to customize the touch screen button layout to my liking. Before I knew it I was stuck to my phone playing this game even when I was out with family. Tetris Beat is so perfect for mobile gaming while you wait because you can easily start it and you can easily put it down. If you have played Tetris in the past you know exactly what this game is, but now they add some colorful backgrounds and some cool songs to help you distract your mind while you play this game. Tetris Beat is part of Apple Arcade, a service that I rarely ever use, but if you do use this service I recommend you try out Tetris Beat. Just be careful, you don’t want to find yourself ignoring others just to play this game.
Jimmy Montoya
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