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The fact that diamonds are required to purchase the Elite Pass or change the IGN gives players a clear idea about the importance and value of this currency in Free Fire. The in-game currency must be purchased with real money.
Although the game features cheaper alternatives like Special Airdrops and Memberships, many gamers still find it challenging to acquire them. Nevertheless, the desire for exclusive cosmetics often prompts players to search for a method to acquire diamonds for Elite Pass since it is one of the most cost-effective ways to earn these items.
Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. They may play Free Fire MAX instead, which was not on the list of banned apps.
Google Opinion Rewards is popular all around the world. It allows users to earn incentives in Google Play credits for completing quick and easy surveys. They may get up to INR 32.20 for every survey they answer. However, the pay-out for each of these may vary considerably.
It is easy to get started as players can download it from the store. They will then be required to answer a few questions to set up their accounts. Once users have collected enough credits, they may use them to purchase the diamonds in the game.
Popular GPT website Swagbucks also has a mobile app that players can use. It has more than five million installs on the Google Play Store. Players may earn gift cards by participating in surveys, shopping, finding new products, watching videos, and playing games.
Users may redeem these Swagbucks prizes for PayPal cash and gift cards for popular e-commerce retailers like Amazon and Google Play. However, it is essential to note that the available options will differ depending on the player’s region.
Garena‘s video-sharing application Booyah enables gamers to watch clips and streams of their favorite content creators. Additionally, the developer hosts various events and giveaways for Free Fire players that provide them with an abundance of rewards.
Contests and events often require players to watch streams or clips for a given duration to get a particular reward from the prize pool. These gifts include diamonds, vouchers, and in-game items. However, a few contests require gamers to upload their clips, and only selected winners get the rewards.
Mistplay is an application that allows gamers to earn gift cards and other incentives by playing games. Players have to download the application and can earn units by playing new mobile games, making it very engaging to collect rewards.
Furthermore, players can maintain a daily streak and complete the badges to earn extra units. Gamers can later use the units to purchase gift cards for Visa, Amazon, Google Play, and other popular options.
Poll Pay is a popular application that requires gamers to answer surveys to earn money. The app has over five million installs on the Google Play Store. To get started, gamers can download it on their device and register their account.
Following that, they will be able to participate in surveys that are targeted to their profile to earn balance. Gamers will have the opportunity to redeem their balance for various items, including PayPal money, vouchers, gift cards, and more.
Besides the five options mentioned above, gamers have several other alternatives to earn diamonds in Free Fire for free. Players should make sure that they do not use any illicit applications like mods or hacks, as these will never work and could lead to a permanent ban.
Note: The list given above reflects the writer’s views. Gamers should go through each application’s terms of service and privacy policy before utilizing them.
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