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Game of the Year has had a few nominees, however, it’s really only come down to Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok.
The Game Awards have announced their nominees, and it's no surprise to anyone that both Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök are listed among them. These two games are the real competitors, and the winner will be announced on December 8th. Fans have been debating among themselves across all social media platforms about who will win.
Both of these games are absolutely phenomenal and are well-received by all different kinds of video games. However, it seems that God of War Ragnarök may stand as the victor despite Elden Ring's overwhelming popularity.
One of the huge benefits that God of War Ragnarök has been that its release date is not even a full month before the Game Awards.
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This gives it a huge advantage of recency bias for players who just played the game and have it fresh on their minds, whereas Elden Ring was released months ago. This is going to be a factor that will have many fans voting for God of War Ragnarök instead of Elden Ring, especially when they haven't had enough time to let the game soak in.
What many fans have been looking forward to the most from God of War Ragnarök is its story. This is something it easily surpasses Elden Ring in as it completes the compelling narrative focusing on Kratos's Norse Saga.
Elden Ring often had players confused as to what exactly the story was that they were following and often had to use YouTube videos or guides, whereas God of War Ragnarök was very clear and guided players forward at a steady pace.
Thanks to the player being able to change whatever difficulty they want, they can play God of War Ragnarök at their desired pace. This isn't the case with Elden Ring, where players are dropped in a world with a fixed challenging difficulty.
This can be frustrating for players who desperately want to dive into Elden Ring and enjoy its amazing world and lore. However, it's impossible to play the game without intense learning of the gameplay and getting past Elden Ring's hardest bosses.
While Elden Ring is total emersion, God of War Ragnarök always has a character speaking. This can be Kratos, Mimir, Freya, or Atreus as they tell some different story, sometimes a Norse tale and other times a Greek one.
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There are additional storylines attached to discovering artifacts or even opening a chest during a main quest. The only time there isn't a conversation going on between the cast is when the player is engaged directly in combat.
There is usually a cutscene before the boss fight begins in Elden Ring and sometimes one in the middle. In God of War Ragnarök, the cutscenes are a bit more engaging and interactive. There is typically one at the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end.
However, these are usually part of the gameplay where the player must tap a certain button against the opponent they're facing. One of the best examples is in Kratos's fight against Heimdall, one of the most difficult gods in GoW Ragnarök fought.
One of the less troubling things in God of War Ragnarök is how much easier it is to level up in the game as opposed to Elden Ring. Most players won't struggle with leveling up as there are many easy ways to level up quickly in GoW that won't consume as much time.
In Elden Ring, it's a long grind that could have a player just fighting random enemies to farm more runes to level up faster to take down a different boss. This isn't the case for God of War Ragnarök at all, which allows the player to play through the game at a steady pace with minimal grinding.
Many gamers were surprised in the past when God of War (2018) managed to beat Red Dead Redemption 2 for Game of the Year. This has led to the unpopular God of War opinion that the game is overrated due to winning Game of the Year when it shouldn't have.
This has led many gamers to speculate that God of War Ragnarök will win regardless of how good of a game Elden Ring is, believing that as long as God of War Ragnarök is considered great by fans and critics, then it will win.
While there's no question that God of War Ragnarök tells a compelling story, it also gives players some great character writing with characters that players grow heavily attached to.
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These attachments have made players so unbelievably invested in the outcome of the story and emotional by dramatic quotes and scenes involving their favorite characters. Elden Ring lacks this sort of emotional attachment, and that is a major factor that will help propel God of War Ragnarök forward as Game of the Year.
While both games were praised for having few issues upon their release, Elden Ring suffered far more from this, with multiple bugs and problems spread throughout the game. The most frustrating of these was in regard to some questlines not being able to be completed.
God of War Ragnarök, on the other hand, didn't suffer much at all, with players only reporting a few minor issues that were usually resolved on their own. It's important to have a flawless game at launch in this regard, and Ragnarök simply did better.
There's quite a debate as to which of the two games lived up to the hype they generated. However, the game with the most hype prior to release was easily God of War Ragnarök.
This game had several years of hype behind it, whereas Elden Ring was really only talked about before its release by FromSoftware fans. God of War Ragnarök certainly lived up to its hype, and many fans knew it would be a contender for Game of the Year long before the game was even released.
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