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It doesn’t matter how you take mobile games: in this selection there are all kinds, for all users and for almost any time of day. You have games for waiting for the bus and also for sitting at home and taking it seriously.

Taking a look at all the Google Play lists we have come across that of most downloaded free games. In it there are options of all kinds, some being well known and others not so much. If you like to play on Android, this list will discover very interesting news for you.
These are the 10 free games for Android that most users are downloading around the world. There are very different from each other, so you can have several options for different entertainment situations.

If paying to play is not something that matters to you, there is also a very interesting list for you. Google Play has a list of the Best Selling Android Games. The word “sold” lets us know that they are paid games for which, yes or yes, you have to pay to play. It is also a very good list to discover new games.
If you can only choose one of these games there are several options for you; if you like long games with story, choose Stardew Valley; If you like the most frenetic games, your game is Geometry Dash.
Of course, if you pay for one of these games it will be yours forever and you can download it on any Android smartphone for life.
how do you like these TOP 10 Android Games of 2022?

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