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Creating a mob XP farm in Minecraft can be slightly tricky, especially for new players and those who are playing the game in Pocket Edition (PE). When players kill mobs in the game, they drop some XP orbs that increase the level of a player. With this, players can enchant gear, use anvil, and perform several tasks in the game. One of the best ways to create a mob XP farm in the game is to build it around a dungeon spawner.
A dungeon is a naturally-generated underground structure that has a special block that keeps spawning a specific hostile mob and has one or two chests full of loot. These are uncommon structures, but players can find one by exploring underground. Since creating a common mob farm on the surface is difficult, spawner block farms give players a readymade working area that they can simply modify and use.
Finding a dungeon is arguably the hardest step in the entire process. Dungeons are uncommon structures in the overworld; hence, it can take players some time to find one. The only way to find them is to keep digging underground and exploring different areas and caves. The game attempts to generate a structure in each new chunk if all the conditions are met; hence, players must try to find one in every chunk possible.
After finding the structure, players must be cautious and quick to secure the area. Some hostile mobs might already be present in the area and more will continue to spawn if players do not act fast. First, they must fight off every hostile mob present, as well as place torches on the spawner block to light up the area and prevent more mobs from spawning.
Once the spawner block is secured, players can start breaking the walls and the floor of the dungeon to essentially enlarge the room. This will ensure that more mobs will spawn in the area, which can be killed. Ideally, the room should have a 9x9x9 block space.
Players can then place water from water buckets in two corners of the room and let it flow towards the other side. The main thing to remember is that all the water blocks should be flowing towards the opposite side and towards the center of the opposite wall, where the killing and collection room will be present.
In this step, on the opposite wall towards which the water is flowing, players can create a two-block high tunnel where the mobs will flow in and will get aggressive towards the player standing at the end. However, they will not be able to get through since one row of blocks and trapdoors will block them off.
Finally, players can create a loot collection area underneath the tunnel that will collect all the mob drops. This can be done using hoppers and chests.
Players have to remove all the torches from the spawner and let the mobs spawn. They will drop down in the water and flow towards the tunnel where the players can simply stand and attack them without getting attacked and collect XP and mob drops.
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