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Villages are some of the best structures that can be found in Minecraft. They have plenty of loot for players to acquire. They also have villagers, who are useful for trading and farming.
Blacksmiths are highly sought-after villagers, even though they are now technically known as weaponsmiths after the 1.14 Village & Pillage Update. They can have incredible loot, including:
Finding a blacksmith or weaponsmith is difficult, though, because not all villages have them. However, there are plenty of seeds that do.
Here are four good seeds to try out for Minecraft 1.19 if you are looking for a blacksmith.
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This seed drops players into a tundra village, which is an uncommon spawn. Inside this village are three blacksmiths.
The seed only gets better below the village, where players can find a massive dripstone cave, which is another rare biome. Dripstone caves were first introduced in 1.18 and are still a relatively unknown biome for many players.
Additionally, this seed has Ancient Cities beneath the surface. Blacksmiths have great loot, but Ancient Cities have arguably the best loot of all generated structures.
This seed has everything players need readily available as soon as they spawn, which saves them a lot of time.
Sometimes, Minecraft worlds generate in such unique ways that the result is breathtaking.
In this seed, a village is completely surrounded by the ocean. This is a rarity as villages rarely even generate on small islands.
In this case, it is located right near the spawn point as players only need to travel to 50, 65, 60 to find this rare village. To top it all off, the village has a blacksmith, which means it also has good loot.
There are also a few trees on the small plots of land, so it could make for a very unique survival island. Either way, Minecraft players should check this seed out even if only for its unique generation.
This seed spawns players at 50, y, 50. There is a village with a double blacksmith within a couple of hundred blocks. This is a rarity, and players have twice as many opportunities to get diamonds, armor, swords and more.
There are also two other villages nearby to add to the looting. The cherry on top is that this seed has a Pillager Outpost at -200, y, 250, so the potential for raids is endless.
This seed has just about everything a Minecraft player could need in one area. It doesn’t get much better than that.
This seed is one of the best that Minecraft version 1.19 has to offer. Players spawn in a snowy taiga village with plenty of buildings, one of which has a blacksmith. This village is huge and has plenty of loot, not to mention the number of villagers it has.
If a village is something players want in their new world, this seed is one of the best. The village is also located in a fairly rare biome, which only adds to the seed’s overall quality.
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