Top games per Download and Consumer Spend in Q2 2022 –

Mobile usage rates have increased. According to new market research prepared by, it is seen that many countries have spent more than five hours a day on mobile apps in the last two years.
After the big explosion in the industry during the pandemic, we saw significant usage rates decrease significantly. After the declines in many countries and regions, healthy increases were expected. As published in the report, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey, the USA, and the UK spent more than four hours daily on mobile applications.
Not every country is on the rise, but after a certain period, it seems that this rise can catch up with the pandemic era. Australia and Singapore were the most striking countries on the list, which allocated 40% more time to mobile applications in the second quarter of this year than in Q2 2020.
When we look at the global game lists in downloads, Subway Surfers, developed by Sybo, and Free Fire, developed by Garena, are at the top of many lists. In addition, Stumble Guys, one of the most remarkable titles that have increased its metrics quickly, seems to have increased 23 rankings this quarter.
Bridge Race and Tall Man Run are in the fourth and fifth positions on the global list. In this period, when the industry is rapidly evolving, and the transition from hyper-casual to hybrid-casual is accelerating, such games are frequently seen on global lists.
Regarding consumer spending, many games are distributed among countries, but the most prominent game is Pokemon Go. Niantic, which managed to revive the game with its investments and initiatives in emerging markets, ignited a healthy growth even though it could not create the excitement of the first day.
Through various regional events and competitions, the game ranked high in many countries, such as England, Turkey, America, Germany, and Australia, in terms of user spending compared to the same quarter last year. said that with the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2022, it expects another substantial rise in the game’s rankings.
Diablo: Immortal, released by Activision Blizzard last June and reached $100 million in revenue with over 20 million downloads in eight weeks, managed to show itself despite the difficult period it experienced in China.
The game, which exceeded the 20 million download threshold in eight weeks, exceeded the 30 million threshold in just one week with its release in the Far East. According to the report, the game was among the top games by consumer spending in nine key markets. The complete list is as follows:
If interested, you can access the full version of the “Q2 2022 Regional Market Pulse” report published by by clicking here.
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