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Minecraft is one of, if not the, biggest speedrunning games of all time.
There are thousands of speedruns across the game’s different versions and platforms, as well as variants for generating worlds with set seeds and random seeds.
While Minecraft’s random seed category relies more on quick thinking and RNG, set seed runs are a different breed entirely. They operate more like traditional speedruns, relying on the player’s ability to perform the actions they need to in the fastest way possible. This is because the world around them doesn’t change.
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The seed for “Ruined” Portal is: -8272096027667337428
This seed spawns Minecraft players in a plains biome between a ruined portal and a village. The village contains a blacksmith, which players can loot to get some quick iron tools and armor, specifically an iron sword, pickaxe and chest plate.
There is also an iron golem that players can kill if they want to make a bucket. However, this bucket is not needed, as the ruined portal near spawn has no crying obsidian in it. This means players can use the obsidian in the chest near the portal to complete the frame and enter the Nether.
The seed for Iron Villages is: 112835712333917405
This seed spawns Minecraft players near a plains village, isolated in a peninsula by a swamp biome. Inside this plains village are two blacksmiths. These two blacksmiths have several apples and a total of 13 iron, which should be more than enough for players to make any iron gear.
In the Nether, players can find a bastion very close to their portal, with a Nether fortress and blaze spawner not much farther.
Underneath the spawn village, players can find the stronghold and portal room. The portal already contains a single eye of ender, which is better than a large chunk of speedrun seeds.
The seed for Desert Village Spawn is: 5171135490219886018
This seed will spawn Minecraft players in a forest biome adjacent to a plains biome and a savannah. There is also a weathered badlands nearby, which is close to a desert village. While the village itself has little to offer, it generates with a desert temple in it.
This temple offers the player an abundance of loot, totaling nine diamonds. There is also a skeleton dungeon in the village, which has a chest. This chest contains an enchanted golden apple, effectively a get-out-of-jail free card for a bad situation, should players use it properly.
There is a cave near the dungeon that contains iron and gravel for a flint and steel, and a slightly buried lava pool that players can use to create their Nether portal. Using this lava pool will spawn players inside of the Nether fortress, just a single corner away from the blaze spawner.
There is also a treasure bastion near the Nether portal, which means players can quickly get their ender pearls.
After making quick work of the Nether, players can head to the stronghold to finish their run super-fast.
The seed for Diamond Blacksmith is: 9665390276121893
This seed spawns Minecraft players in a sunflower field, facing both an above-water shipwreck, ruined portal and a village. The village has a blacksmith with a chest containing six diamonds, an iron chest plate, five obsidian and some bread.
The ruined portal near the village contains no crying obsidian in its frame. This means players can quickly use the obsidian from the blacksmith to complete the portal and enter the Nether.
Once in the Nether, players can find a bastion nearby, with the treasure being through a small amount of Netherrack. The blaze spawner is also quite close by, being the only part of an underground Nether fortress that is exposed to the air.
After finishing in the Nether, players can return to the village to find the stronghold right underneath it. Once the portal room has been breached, players will notice that there are already two eyes of ender in the portal frame. This means they only need 10 ender pearls to get to the end.
The seed for Quad Blacksmith and Portal Spawn is: 335231559228961104
As the name implies, this seed spawns Minecraft players inside a village with a whopping four blacksmiths. While these blacksmiths don’t have any diamonds, players will have nine iron ingots, six gold ingots, 10 obsidian, an iron sword, iron chest plate and iron leggings to loot.
The village also has an ample supply of wheat and bread, meaning players will not have to worry about food.
There is also a ruined portal near the village, with a chest that contains enchanted gold armor, a gold pickaxe, and a flint and steel, making entering the Nether a breeze.
Once in the Nether, players will find a bastion very close to the portal, with a blaze spawner not much farther away. This should make the Nether portion of the run a breeze.
To top it all off, the stronghold can be found directly under the spawn village. Players can come right back after finishing in the Nether before digging down to find a portal with one eye in the frame already.
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