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Elytra are the lone source of flight in Minecraft’s Survival Mode and can be found within the End via the ships that float about.
Players can equip these wings and use them to glide or outright fly with a little help.
Once players have their Elytra, they can equip them and use them via the following steps:
Although Minecraft players should now know how to operate their Elytra, there are additional facts worth keeping in mind regarding the item.
When a player flies about, their Elytra will lose durability over time, much like any tool or piece of gear. To avoid losing their Elytra from breaking it, players will want to use one of a few different methods to repair it.
Players can combine two damaged Elytra together in the crafting grid or the grindstone menu. Doing so will combine the Elytra durabilities and provide an additional 5% restoration to durability. However, it will remove any enchantments applied to either Elytra.
Additionally, Minecraft players can utilize phantom membranes dropped from phantoms to repair their Elytra. Each membrane used will restore exactly 25% of the Elytra’s total durability and will ensure that no enchantments are lost during repairs.
This process can be undertaken by placing the Elytra and phantom membranes on an anvil. However, it’s also worth noting that repairing in this way will increase the prior work penalty on the Elytra, making subsequent repairs more expensive.
Overall, Elytra can be enchanted with four different enchantments in Minecraft: Unbreaking, Mending, Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding.
Of these enchantments, Mending is arguably considered the best option. This is due to the fact that it allows players to use experience orbs to repair the Elytra.
No additional Elytra or phantom membranes are needed in this process; players can simply utilize experience to keep their equipped Elytra in perfect shape. If a player has a structure like an experience farm in place, they can keep their Elytra from breaking for a virtually endless amount of time.
Keeping Elytra in working order and players stocked with firework rockets is a winning formula for endless flight. Firework rockets are easy enough to build, especially if players have paper and gunpowder farms.
If players use Mending or membranes to keep their Elytra from shattering into pieces, they’ll never have to worry about being flightless again.
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