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The GTA franchise has an abundance of characters players come across, but these are just some of the best supporting roles yet.
When the Grand Theft Auto franchise first emerged in 1997, few could predict how widespread of a phenomenon the series would come to be. Within a few short years, Grand Theft Auto was firmly established as one of the best (if not the greatest) open-world action-adventure franchises on the market. It was a game-changer; a revolutionary series that brought about many technological marvels within the gaming industry.
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In the last two-or-so decades, the GTA franchise has sold almost half a billion copies all around the world. At the core of the series is a string of stories and characters so impressive and memorable that they quite literally hold up the legacy of Grand Theft Auto on their shoulders. However, it isn't just the journey-leading, iconic protagonists that make GTA the franchise it is – there's a lengthy and diverse list of supporting characters that also deserves a little recognition.
Lamar Davis was introduced in 2013's Grand Theft Auto V, serving as an immediate burst of comic relief to the story. While he didn't make an appearance at a serious moment in the timeline, his hilarious presence was all too welcome from the get-go. As a close friend to one of the three protagonists – Franklin Clinton – Lamar gets a lot of screen time, particularly earlier on in the game.
As Franklin 'outgrows' Lamar, we see less and less of the happy-go-lucky, reckless, and ever-upbeat character, but thankfully, players are reacquainted with him in Grand Theft Auto Online. It's only a small part, but it's a part nonetheless, and it's more than many of the main characters from GTA V got. Without a doubt, Lamar Davis is one of the best-supporting characters in GTA – he's loyal, confident, and above all else, thigh-slappingly hilarious.
Roman Bellic, introduced in 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV, is the supporting character that you just love to hate. From the moment Niko Bellic, the protagonist, arrives in Liberty City, he's plagued by the incessant stupidity of his cousin, Roman. Not only does Roman bring Niko to Liberty City under false pretenses, but he constantly lands the player in dangerous, unnecessarily risky situations as the game unfolds.
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Fortunately, Roman is a teddy bear, and as a result, players just can't help but fall in love with him. He's a harmless soul that means well enough and loves his cousin, even if he's the reason Niko is always falling into unfortunate situations. He's a consistent enough presence throughout the entire game for players to become comfortable at the sight and sound of him and let's face it, there's nobody better to go bowling with in all of Liberty City.
Umberto Robina burst onto the GTA scene in 2006, appearing as a supporting character in GTA: Vice City. He's a larger-than-life Cuban with a loud voice and an emotional way of living, and above all else, he appreciates a tough, hardy warrior. He's voiced – and modeled on – Danny Trejo, a likable enough actor in the real world that always manages to bring even the most minor characters to life.
In Vice City, the player comes to learn that Robina is a lover of everyone – except Haitians, with who he's unfortunately at war – and he's as loyal as he is dedicated to his friends. There are fewer characters in the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise who have embodied action and machismo as Umberto Robina.
Without a doubt, Cesar Vialpando carried Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas atop his heavily-tattooed shoulders. From the moment the player meets Cesar, he proves himself to be a valuable resource, helping Carl Johnson, the protagonist, to ingratiate himself with a relatively powerful Latino gang. He's the provider of a few entertaining missions that see the character race and 'dance' in lowriders, and ultimately, he proves to be the savior of the entire story.
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It's important to not give too much away, but after a devastating downfall, Cesar is there to help CJ get back on his feet. He's a constantly encouraging presence, always willing to lend a hand and support CJ on his path to retribution. By the end of the game, Cesar remains at CJ's side, an eternal constant and a persistently good character in a world that seems to be corrupt at every turn.
Little Jacob is introduced fairly early on in the GTA IV story, crossing paths with Niko Bellic in a relatively unsavory way. However, while the first mission or two for Little Jacob are quite run-of-the-mill adventures, he turns out to be a pivotal part of the story as the game rolls on. He'll reveal himself to be one of Niko's most trusted accomplices, equipping him with the weaponry he needs to wreak havoc across Liberty City.
Outside his practical nature, Little Jacob is also a remarkable character in himself. He's a Jamaican character, naturally a peaceful soul, and he's always spouting wisdom to Niko through his thick and authentic Jamaican accent. It can be slightly difficult for the player to understand him at times, but remarkably, Niko has no issues deciphering what Little Jacob is saying. He's a strong and loyal friend to Niko who is there alongside him at the very end of the game, proving himself time and again as a fantastic supporting character.
Lazlow has existed in the Grand Theft Auto universe since GTA III emerged in 2001. In the series, Lazlow is a media personality with decades in the business, and for many years, he appeared only on the in-game radio stations in Grand Theft Auto. He'd typically host shows on the talk stations, but in Grand Theft Auto V, he was seen in person for the first time.
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For fans of the franchise, there are few voices as iconic as Lazlow's, and when he was introduced in GTA V in physical form, it was a wondrous moment. In GTA V, Lazlow had moved on from radio, instead opting to host reality television shows and competitions, and as usual, he was living out the embodiment of a relatively skeevy, perverted coward. It doesn't matter where the franchise goes next, we're almost guaranteed to hear or see Lazlow in Grand Theft Auto VI.
For Trevor Phillips, one of the main characters in GTA V, Wade Hebert was a plaything – a gopher to be toyed with. For the player, Wade Hebert was a heartbreaking, hilarious, and unfortunate soul who felt the brunt of Phillips' anger time and time again. In GTA V, Wade Hebert makes multiple appearances – fewer as the game goes on, but still enough for the player to become accustomed to his bizarre, somewhat creepy ways.
He's obviously a troubled individual, but he has a good heart and is fiercely loyal, even if that loyalty is potentially misplaced. He'll do absolutely anything for his friends, even if that means burying himself neck-deep in sewage and humiliating himself over and over again. For the fact that he has several hilarious lines and scenes, is superbly acted, and never lets the player down, Wade certainly is one of the best supporting characters in Grand Theft Auto history.
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