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It is safe to say that while GTA San Andreas has one of the best cast of characters in Rockstar Games’ venerable franchise, one of the most underrated elements of the game is its NPCs.
NPCs in GTA San Andreas, also known as Pedestrians in the game, have managed to carve out their own separate identity, which is pretty hard to ignore. This can be attributed to their unique dialogues or personalities.
If players are still wondering who these NPCs are, this article will talk about five of the most interesting NPCs present in GTA San Andreas.
Note: This article reflects the writer’s subjective opinion.
Tramps may be found in many different forms across San Andreas; one can be found in Los Santos, while the majority can be found in San Fierro. Some tramps in San Andreas sport strange signs on their chests.
One of the signs on their chest says:
This message might mean that the tramps know that they are in a video game, or it is Rockstar Games’ attempt at breaking the fourth wall. Whatever the case may be, these odd signs do make the tramps a mysterious and interesting bunch of people in the game.
Cops play a very important role in GTA San Andreas and are the main reason this game gets difficult at times, as their intense patrolling pushes the players to think creatively. They are, without a doubt, the most despised NPCs in GTA San Andreas since they constantly follow the player and cause more problems than required.
There are many different types of cops in the game. Depending on where they like to cause trouble, certain players are bound to recall some more than others.
In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, cr*ck dealers are criminal pedestrians that the players encounter for the first time when CJ and Ryder strike a cr*ck den in the Cleaning the Hood quest.
When not on the move, cr*ck dealers adopt a distinctive stance wherein their hands are crossed at the waist. They frequently carry knives or pistols and will shoot at CJ if he provokes them verbally or merely pulls out a weapon while staring at them.
The cr*ck dealer will offer to sell Carl narcotics if approached. Carl is given the choice of responding positively or negatively, and regardless of which option he chooses, he will end up not purchasing any drugs.
However, both the dealer and CJ’s responses are verbally abusive when responding badly. After receiving a negative response, the dealer will usually commence firing.
All of this makes them more dynamic than most other NPCs in the game.
In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, pr*stitutes can be seen almost anywhere. There is also a cheat code that converts all onlookers into p*mps and pr*stitutes.
Even if a player does not employ their services, they stand out in GTA San Andreas due to their looks and gait. Additionally, they are one of the few pedestrians that get along well with CJ.
Having pr*stitute NPCs sounds pretty ridiculous, but Grand Theft Auto San Andreas somehow got away with it. These NPCs, who appear late at night, make for the most unconventional characters in a video game, especially at the time of its release.
Grove Street Families (GSF) gang members come in three different types. Regardless of the variant, CJ may enlist the assistance of these GSF members during certain missions, making them useful allies in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and not just mindless entities roaming around the city.
They support the player at every turn, but also contribute to some of the game’s most unforgettable situations. Some, however, sided with Big Smoke and betrayed CJ, demonstrating that not every member of the group was behind the main character.
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