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Goat Simulator 3 did everything in its power to bleat the competition
Goat Simulator 3 has won the Best Game Trailer award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2022
Coffee Stain North’s unorthodox sandbox simulation game has clinched the first-ever Best Game Trailer accolade at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, beating off some stiff competition in the process. Featured alongside the likes of The Callisto Protocol, skate, Bloody Hell Hotel, Time Flies, and Alan Wake 2, Goat Simulator 3’s masterful mix of hilarity and hubris – not to mention totally ripping off that Dead Island 2 E3 2014 trailer – was enough to top the pile as it extends its stay as gaming’s longest-running joke
The list of nominees for this brand-new award was as follows:
Despite the title of the game itself, Goat Simulator 3 is the sequel to the first Goat Simulator of 2014, which means that, no, you aren’t losing your marbles, there is no Goat Simulator 2. 
To this end, after going hands-on with number three at Gamescom, Joe Donnelly said:  “Let me save you some frantic Google searching – no, you didn’t miss it, there was no Goat Simulator 2 and you are not losing your mind. In a typically unorthodox, typically Goat Simulator move, Coffee Stain Studios has skipped from 2014’s Goat Simulator straight to its upcoming Goat Simulator 3. ‘One of the developers put that in for fun at one point,’ Coffee Stain North CEO Sebastian Eriksson explains. ‘Then, when we were going to finalize the game, no one had taken it out, it just stuck. And so it’s like this internal joke that’s now out there in the world’.” 
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