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Minecraft is pretty familiar to anyone who plays it. It’ll rarely get mistaken for a different game because of its uniqueness.
Even as updates like the upcoming 1.19 update continue to change the title, it remains mostly the same. However, mods can completely change the game so much that it begins to feel and behave like a wholly different game.
Mods are typically used on Java Edition, which has much broader access to them. However, Bedrock Edition does have add-ons that can do similar things. Here are some new ones that have been released for Pocket Edition that are worth checking out.
Players who have also played Fortnite will be familiar with the lovable creatures who debuted last season. Klombos instantly became fan-favorite creatures, so much so that they have been added to Minecraft Pocket Edition.
This add-on brings this new mob and allows it to be tamed with bones, much like wolves. It also has different textures for its various emotions.
One thing Minecraft may be lacking is the ability to truly edit the world. Fortunately for Java users, there’s a WorldEdit mod that works wonderfully.
With it, they are given complete control over their world. Bedrock Edition gamers can also experience the same thing as the mod has been transposed into an add-on for Pocket Edition.
Backpacks would be an incredible feature in Minecraft, and this Pocket Edition add-on adds them, making them extremely useful:
There are currently seven different backpacks that gamers can unlock and level up with. This mod also introduces skills, a popular game mechanic from many role-playing games.
Another thing that the title might be missing is more variety in tools. There’s certainly enough right now, but more is not necessarily worse.
This add-on introduces new tools and ores to make tools out of.
Players can make great axes and hammers and use ores like palladium, mithril, etc.
Building outdoors is one of the most fun parts of Minecraft. It’s more popular than building on the interior of a build, so it’s essential to have good blocks.
The outdoor part of a build will never be the same with this add-on. Blocks like pebbles, leaf piles, and more will spice up builds in a way vanilla Minecraft can’t right now.
Emerald armor is one thing many gamers have been asking Mojang for a long time. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t obliged, but this add-on does and then some.
There are 23 new armor types in this mod, each with different advantages:
Any kind of armor that fans could imagine is in this add-on.
May is always Star Wars month, especially this year, with Obi-Wan Kenobi set to debut at the end of the month. What better way to celebrate than the newest Star Wars add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition?
Darth Maul is one of the coolest Star Wars villains, and he arrives as a new boss in this add-on.
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