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The next major Minecraft update is just around the corner. At last year’s live event, Mojang revealed the title of the 1.19 update, The Wild Update, and showcased many of its upcoming features.
Fortunately, The Wild Update is not facing the same circumstances as the Caves & Cliffs update. The Wild Update won’t get delayed as Mojang learned from their past actions and did not unveil a lot of major features. Due to this, the 1.19 update will be released on the expected date.
Like all previous updates, The Wild Update will also be available for Android devices. In this article, players living under a rock can learn about the release date and features coming with The Wild Update.
In an official announcement, Mojang has publicly revealed the release date for The Wild Update. Minecraft 1.19 update will be released on June 7, 2022. The update will be available for all devices after its launch on June 7, 2022.
Unlike the old times, major game updates do not arrive on different dates. Mojang now releases annual updates across all devices at the same time. The Wild Update will be released for Android devices on June 7, 2022.
Players can expect the 1.19 update to be rolled out for Android devices around 4:30 PM BST. As soon as the update is out, players will be able to update Minecraft to the latest APK version using Google PlayStore.
The Wild Update is in no way a small Minecraft update. It adds two spectacular biomes: one catering to the wilderness promised in the live stream, mangrove swamps, and the other bringing unparalleled horror, deep dark caves.
Mangrove swamps are a new variant of swamps in Minecraft. These biomes are densely populated with new trees called mangroves, with large submerged roots. Mangrove swamps also feature mud blocks around the river banks.
Deep dark caves are the third cave biome and generate way below the ground in the Overworld. Players won’t find any mobs naturally spawning here. Deep dark caves are ruled by the warden, who emerges when disturbances occur in the biome.
Players can also find the biggest new structure called the ancient city in deep dark caves. There are loads of new blocks, items, and mobs coming in the 1.19 update.
Some of the expected features of The Wild Update have been removed. For starters, birch forests are not getting a revamp in this update. Fireflies have also been removed as they are poisonous to frogs in reality.
Bundles are also missing in the 1.19 update. Similarly, archaeology-related features are also nowhere to be seen. Players will have to wait for future updates to get these features.
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