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Infiltrate the Seraph Station, complete augment puzzles, and come out alive to earn Destiny 2’s Revision Zero Pulse Rifle.
Destiny 2's Season of the Seraph has an Exotic mission for players to clear and potentially farm. Operation: Seraph Shield is this year's unique Exotic mission, following in the footsteps of last year's Presage mission and the classic Whisper and Zero Hour missions. Unlike previous years, this Exotic mission isn't timed.
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Seraph Shield requires Guardians to infiltrate a space station and upload a virus before House Salvation can get their hands on crucial intel. This mission includes plenty of puzzles, platforming sections, and some intense combat encounters. This guide will show you how to complete this mission solo, everything from combat encounters to puzzles. We'll also cover the difficulty variants present in Seraph Shield and explain how Revision Zero and its multiple Exotic Catalysts work.
Seraph Shields features two difficulty variants: Normal and Legend. Legend difficulty is similar to the Legendary setting in the Witch Queen campaign, ramping up enemy HP and restricting your Power level advantage. No Champions or mechanic differences are present in either difficulty mode.
Normal has no gameplay modifiers to speak of. Legend difficulty has four:
Expect Legend to be roughly as tough as a Legendary Witch Queen campaign mission. Enemies are more aggressive, have more total HP, and deal more damage due to the Power level restriction.
Completing Operation: Seraph Shield grants the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle. Unlike most Exotics, Revision Zero features selectable perks and multiple Exotic Catalysts. This weapon has multiple firing modes and origin traits to swap between, allowing you to morph the gun into an Aggressive Frame (four-round burst) or a unique two-round burst with much more range. The gun's Exotic perk builds up targeting data as you land headshots, allowing you to morph the weapon into an Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle for the next 1-4 shots. The more headshots you land beforehand, the more sniper rounds you'll receive. Both firing modes have Anti-Barrier Rounds.
Revision Zero's Catalysts are obtained by completing the "Should You Choose To Accept" quests from the Exo Frame at the H.E.L.M. These quests seem to be time-gated, unlocked as you progress through the seasonal storyline. The Exotic Catalysts and the rest of Revision Zero's perks may be altered at the Enclave's crafting table, making this Exotic fully modular. The following perks are unlocked through Catalyst acquisition:
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Additional drone locations might be missing. We'll update this guide when we find any other locations.
Drone chests are account bound and may only spawn once per weekly reset.
Similar to dungeons and raids, Operation: Seraph's Shield has multiple hidden chests for you to find. Since this mission doesn't have a unique loot pool, all hidden chests drop seasonal weapons. These chests have a chance to drop Deepsight (red border) variants, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you progress through the Seraph Station. Resonate Stems also spawn aboard the station, although their locations are beyond the scope of this guide. Opening the stems will reward IKELOS gear, the same as on any other destination.
If the drones didn't spawn here during your run, they spawned in the vertical shaft or space station exterior sections.
Once you've used the orbital pods and reached Seraph Station, look out for four floating drones; do not deposit your Scanner buff just yet. Fire at the drone that's glowing yellow. Another drone will begin glowing. Repeat the process until all drones are destroyed. A text prompt will appear if done successfully, unlocking an additional reward chest at the end of the mission.
If the drones didn't spawn here during your run, they spawned in the orbital pod or space station exterior section.
Right after you complete the first Scanner puzzle and are required to deposit the buff, look around the vertical shaft for floating drones. Do not deposit the Scanner buff. One of the four drones will have a vibrant yellow glow. Shoot this drone and look for another highlighted drone. Repeat this process until all four drones are destroyed. If successful, you'll be able to access an additional reward chest at the end of your Seraph Shield run.
After getting captured and traversing the Seraph Station's exterior, defeat the group of Hive guarding the airlock. You should see a set of drones floating in the area. You'll need to proceed slightly further into the mission, grab the Scanner buff, then backtrack to this part. One of the drones will start glowing yellow. Break all four drones in the correct order (whichever one starts glowing) to spawn an additional chest at the end of the level.
If the drones didn't spawn here during your run, they spawned in the orbital pod or vertical shaft sections.
Right after you complete the first Scanner puzzle and are required to deposit the buff, look around the vertical shaft for floating drones. Do not deposit the Scanner buff. One of the four drones will have a vibrant yellow glow. Shoot this drone and look for another highlighted drone. Repeat this process until all four drones are destroyed. If successful, you'll be able to access an additional reward chest at the end of your Seraph Shield run.
During the Operator: Officer's Longe section, you'll find an entryway blocked by a set of lasers. Bypass the security system and hang a right to find the chest. You'll either need Exo Frame upgrades or some means of teleportation—notably Blink on Voidwalker and Arcstrider—to bypass the lasers.
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The start of this mission is the same as all other Operations. Your goal is to reach the opposite end of Nkechi's Cut without the Seraph Towers spotting you. Duck behind nearby rocks and trees to avoid getting obliterated, killing any Hive that stand in your way. You'll find an Ogre guarding the entrance to the facility. Kill it and make your way inside.
You'll find multiple sets of lasers as you navigate the facility. Touching a laser means instant death unless you have certain Exo Frame upgrades. Every laser has a gap you can get through, located either at the bottom (slide) or top (jump). As for navigating the facility, hang a left after navigating past the first set of lasers to find the path forward.
A group of Fallen from House Salvation will be tinkering with the facility's launch controls. Before you open fire, take note of the yellow oval projected above one of the Vandals. This yellow potato symbol refers to the Scanner buff, a reused mechanic from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. You'll want to kill the Fallen and steal the Scanner buff.
Scanner Buff
The Scanner buff highlights important objects in a bright yellow glow. Interact with the object to reveal additional terminals. Activate three terminals within a set to unlock new passageways aboard Seraph Station.
This buff has an infinite duration and persists after death. Only one augment may be active at a time.
Now that you have the Scanner buff, you should see a glowing terminal to the left of where that Scanner Splicer was. Interact with it. A second terminal will begin to glow directly behind you. Activating that terminal will reveal one more across from you, this time to the right of where that Scanner Splicer spawned. Interact with all three terminals to call in orbital pods from Seraph Station. Hop in to launch yourself into space.
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Before depositing the Scanner buff, destroy any glowing drones you find. This will spawn an additional chest near the end of your run. More details can be found in the "Hidden Chests" section.
When you're done admiring the beautiful view, deposit your Scanner buff into the Augmentation Terminal at the right-hand side of the room. It's the white kiosk that's emitting a dull yellow light. This will open the door beside you. On the other side will be a small band of House Salvation Fallen splicing their way through even more terminals. Once again, you'll need to clear out the Fallen, take the Scanner buff, then hack three different terminals. The terminals are in the following locations:
You should now be in a vertical shaft overlooking Earth. A Servitor will be guarding the Augmentation Terminal beside the main exit. Before you deposit the Scanner buff, destroy the drones floating nearby. Shooting them in the correct order (based on which one's glowing) will reward a hidden chest near the end of the mission. Deposit the buff when you're done.
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It's time to juggle the Scanner buff some more. This next room is just like the last. Clear out the Fallen, grab the Scanner buff, and look out for three terminals to hack. You'll find the terminals in these locations:
The first two terminals are straightforward, but the third one is slightly misleading. You'll find four different terminals beside the Augmentation Terminal. Make note of which terminal is glowing. You'll need to deposit your Scanner buff to access the adjacent room. Walk in and run up the stairs on your right. You'll find four consoles lined exactly like the terminals you just saw. You must activate the console that matches the glowing terminal you saw. For example, if the far-right terminal (or fourth terminal) was glowing, you'd activate the far-right console in the adjacent room. If done correctly, you won't immediately die to a set of lasers. Backtrack to the main room and run through the newly-opened Decontamination Chamber.
Watch out for the turrets in the next room. These turrets pack a serious punch and can easily kill you on Legendary difficulty. Use your Heavy to destroy them. Clear the room of hostiles and make your way upward.
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More of House Salvation's splicers can be found in the next room. Like before, clear out the Fallen and take the Scanner buff they drop. Three terminals need to be activated to reach the next room. The good news is that all three terminals are in the same room. The bad news is that the terminals are in a radiation chamber that, if navigated incorrectly, will instantly kill you. If you played the Zero Hour mission back in Forsaken, this is similar to the navigation grid puzzle just before you fought the final boss.
Hop up to the second floor and grab the Scanner buff. You should see a spacious room through the glass with three highlighted consoles. Take note of which consoles are glowing, as these are the terminals you'll need to activate on the lower floor. One terminal from each set will need to be interacted with. Now that you know which terminals to activate, drop down to the lower floor and look through the glass again. The Scanner buff will light up the correct path through the chamber. If you step on the wrong plate or jump across the maze, you'll trigger the security system and be cooked alive. We highly recommend taking a screenshot of the correct path and pulling it up on your phone or a second monitor before proceeding. The above path (image two) should be the same for all players, but we aren't sure if the path changes weekly like Forsaken's Zero Hour mission.
When ready, walk into the chamber and follow the path you saw earlier. Carefully make your way to each wall and activate the correct terminal you marked down, avoiding the lasers as you traverse the chamber. Interacting with the wrong one will kill you and restart the puzzle. Activating all three without triggering the wrong plate will lift the security lockdown and unlock the next room.
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Operator Buff
The Operator buff highlights control panels in a dull red color. Shooting the panel will unlock a nearby door or vent cover. Like the Scanner buff, only one panel will be glowing at any given moment, and each puzzle requires you to shoot three panels in total.
This buff has an infinite duration and persists after death. Only one augment may be active at a time; you can't have Operator and Scanner simultaneously.
The next room will be housing a few Fallen splicers and the Operator buff, denoted by a red human with a halo around their head. Grab the buff and look for a red panel on the wall. Shooting the panel will open the door beside it. You'll be presented with yet another puzzle, this time requiring you to shoot three different panels with the Operator buff; Scanner isn't involved in this encounter. You'll find the panels in the following locations:
There's a lot of backtracking here, so use the enemies on your minimap as a guide on where to go. When you've shot all three panels, backtrack one more time to the main room. A few Hive should spawn and protect the newly-opened exit. Proceed through the corridor and carefully clear out the subsequent room. You'll find multiple Fallen Turrets here, so don't be afraid to use your Heavy or Super—a Rally Flag is right around the corner. Deposit your Operator buff into the Augmentation Terminal to unlock the next room.
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You'll need to get House Salvation's attention and fake your surrender to proceed. Start the encounter by damaging the Ether Tanks clumped together. This will spawn an Ascendant Knight and dozens of House Salvation reinforcements. Damage the Knight until it becomes invincible, then kill all the Fallen that spawn. Despite the objective's name, you don't want to die or reach critical HP here.
Enemies are going to swarm your location here, including the likes of Tracer Shanks and Brigs, mechs that pack some serious firepower. This is the toughest combat encounter in the mission besides the final boss, so don't be afraid to use your Heavy weapon and Super here. Add clear is your ticket out here. Riskrunner, Trinity Ghoul, weapons with Incandescent or Voltshot, and ability-centric builds should shine here. Your biggest issue is going to be survivability. Spec for 100 Resilience and have some means of healing or going invisible.

Defeating all the Fallen will grant access to a lower floor within the space station. The Fallen will ambush you here and demand you surrender. Give up your weapons and let the Servitor teleport you onto their Ketch. Don't worry, you'll get your weapons back in a few seconds.
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Elsie's plan worked. The Fallen teleported you to their Ketch, so now is a perfect time to reclaim your guns and escape. Hold the interact key to reclaim your weapons and break free of your jail cell. Kill the Fallen Captain and fight your way past the prison cells. You can interact with a terminal to unlock all the jail cells, releasing six Exo frames to assist your escape. Fight alongside the Exos to reach the bow of the ship. Beware of the Fallen turrets as you do this.
Seraph Station is located directly below the Ketch. Jump off the bow of the ship toward the space station platforms below. Use the red lights on the station's platforms as a guide on where to go. You'll find a small band of Hive and Fallen guarding the outskirts of the ship. Proceeding forward is impossible due to a massive gap. To bridge that gap, you'll need to use the Operator buff to shoot three panels on the space station that extend additional jumping platforms. The panels are in the following locations:
With all three platforms extended, make your way to the top of the space station. Kill the Hive units protecting the decompression chamber and head inside. That Ascendant Knight you fought earlier will spawn again, locking you inside a small room. Kill the Knight to lift the lockdown. We recommend using your Super and Heavy to kill the miniboss as fast as possible. The second that Knight dies, all of its reinforcements will despawn.
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You're almost done with the mission. Two puzzles remain before facing the final boss, but these are fortunately quite easy. Kill the Operator Splicer and steal its buff. You'll want to shoot the two panels at the center of the room, mounted on pillars opposite of one another. This will open two side rooms. One of these side rooms has a Scanner Splicer. Deposit your buff at an Augmentation Terminal and take the Scanner buff. This will reveal the three terminals you need to hack:
Hacking the first two terminals will reveal a much larger room, protected by a small band of Fallen and a deadly turret. One of the Fallen will be carrying the Operator buff. You must deposit your Scanner buff, grab the Operator buff, then shoot a panel mounted on a hanging pillar. This will open a door right behind you with the necessary Scanner terminal. Deposit your Operator buff, enter this newly-opened corridor, kill the Scanner Splicer inside and take its buff, then activate the terminal. A teleporter will light up when done correctly, allowing you to access the final section of this Exotic mission.
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Suppressor Buff
The Suppressor buff highlights floating Clovis drones in a blue outline. Stand under the drone to infuse your weapons with Suppressor Rounds, allowing you to stagger an invulnerable enemy. Shoot the target under three different Clovis drones to reveal multiple Fallen drones. Destroy these Fallen drones to remove the target's immunity shield.
This buff has an infinite duration and persists after death. Only one augment may be active at a time.
One more buff is required to reach the command bridge of the space station: Suppressor. This buff looks like a blue eye, buffing your weapons with Suppressor Rounds while in the presence of floating Clovis drones—spherical drones that hover a few meters off the ground. With the Suppressor buff, stand under the floating drones and shoot the invulnerable target. Doing this three times will unlock a nearby room that houses a Fallen drone. Break this drone to remove the immunity shield, allowing you to damage the invulnerable enemy. Remember this mechanic; you'll need it to kill the final boss.
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Praksis has been brought back from the dead, infused with the same Stasis abilities as seen in the Beyond Light expansion. If you've played Deep Stone Crypt, this is the Descent encounter with just the Suppressor buff present. Your goal is to suppress Praksis and destroy their Fallen drones to remove the boss' immunity phase. As with any encounter, you'll need to damage the boss first. Use your Heavy or Super to lower the boss' HP by 33%.
When Praksis becomes immune, you'll need to steal the Suppressor buff from a Splicer that likes to hang out atop the catwalks on the top floor. Grab the buff and look for the three Clovis drones in the arena. Stand under them and damage Praksis to stun them. Repeat this for all three drones to reveal three Fallen drones (shown above). Destroy the Fallen drones to make Praksis vulnerable to damage once again. Repeat this process one more time to kill the boss. When finished, upload the virus to the console in the next room to finish the mission and receive your loot. If this is your first clear, return to the H.E.L.M. to receive Revision Zero, one of this season's new Exotic weapons.
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