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© 2013-2022 Niche Gamer.

Bandai Namco Majority Stake Limbic Entertainment
Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has acquired a majority stake in Limbic Entertainment, the developers for the upcoming Park Beyond. This is coming after their minority stake acquisition which occurred back late 2020.
“This investment is much more than a strategic move for Bandai Namco,” says Arnaud Mulle, CEO of Bandi Namco Entertainment Europe. “This investment is just the continuity of our existing relationship, and we will help Limbic become the new reference in strategy and simulation games.”
Limbic Entertainment’s upcoming game with Park Beyond is their first title done in partnership with the company. It was first announced in 2021, where it would get another announcement a year later stating its launch would be delayed into 2023.
CEO Stephan Winter of Limbic Entertainment would say, “With Bandai Namco we are very lucky to have a partner who shares our goals, values and commitment to develop amazing titles.” When speaking on the latest move of Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe acquire a majority stake in his company.
Park Beyond is set to launch sometime in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox series S|X, and PC (via Steam).
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