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GTA San Andreas has always been considered one of the most important titles in the history of the series, mainly due to its story and characters.
The game introduces so many characters that have left a permanent mark on players’ hearts. They love all of them as every single one has unique personality and importance.
As Rockstar Games has finally confirmed that they are fully dedicated to the upcoming mainstream title in the series, it’s the best time to revisit five GTA San Andreas characters that players want to see again someday.
At number 5, it is The Truth — the main character in GTA San Andreas. Based in San Fierro, he is a hippie who owns a farm on the outskirts of San Andreas.
When CJ steals a harvester and damages his farm’s crops, he becomes a friend of his instead of an enemy. He also helps Carl steal a jetpack in mission “Area 69” which players still cherish and enjoy.
The character has some of the most humorous cut scenes in the game and players will want to see it again someday, if not in the upcoming mainline Grand Theft Auto title.
Next on the list is none other than the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas, Cesar Vialpando. He is a tritagonist in GTA San Andreas who becomes an ally of the protagonist CJ like a brother and helps him in the story.
Players love the character for his important role in the game. He introduces the players to intense races, fast cars, and the fact that they can purchase silenced pistols from an underwear store in the game. Players wish to see him again, if not as the main character, then as a supporting humorous character as last time.
At number 3, it is the good old famous OG Loc, Jeffrey Cross. He is an amateur rapper and a minor antagonist in GTA San Andreas.
Players either love the character or hate him in a very straightforward manner. Regardless of his audience, he plays a significant role in the game’s story, helping CJ often in the game. It would be good to see such an untalented rapper finally being a success in the music industry and meet again someday in the Grand Theft Auto series.
Next on the list is Mike Toreno, who is one of the main characters in GTA San Andreas. He acts as an undercover government agent and teaches protagonist CJ important things, including how to fly in the game.
His impact on some missions is far greater than it looks, especially when he helps CJ hijack a fighter jet from a military base in the game. With rumors of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 having an ex-government agent, players hope to see ties with Mike Toreno and get a glimpse of the characters in some form.
Finally, at number 1, it is Carl Johnson, most commonly known as CJ. He is the main protagonist of GTA San Andreas and one of the most beloved characters in the history of the series.
No list is complete without the mention of this classic legend. He still dominates the player’s memories even after almost 2 decades. After completing the beloved story and getting CJ to the success he deserves, players will like to see his business empire and how well he is doing in the Grand Theft Auto Universe.
If the franchise ever returns to San Andreas, players would like to see CJ in some capacity.
Rockstar has a history of introducing familiar and beloved characters to its games again in some way. With players having so many memories of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and its characters, it makes sense to introduce some of fans’ beloved characters in the series once again.
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