Mannarino hits insane backspin drop shot in Rome – Tennis Magazine

Now this is how you hit an effective dropper.

Published May 16, 2017
On court in Rome for his first round, qualifier Adrian Mannarino brought his sneakiest A-game against an on-fire Pablo Cuevas. First, the Frenchman won an entertaining rally with a tricky lob, and later, he won a point with an incredible back-spinning drop-shot.
The dropper had so much back spin on it, it bounced back onto Mannarino’s side of the court.

Drop shot of the century!?!@AdrianMannarino with some monumental spin!#ibi17
The left-handed Frenchman pulled the drop shot of the year against a fitting opponent as Cuevas earned the best shot of Madrid (and possibly the year) with his no-looking backhand passing shot. Both of their insane shots work have a one-in-a-million success rate.
Here’s Mannarino’s again in slo-mo:
It looks even better in super slo-mo…😮@AdrianMannarino #ibi17
Despite his valiant efforts, Mannarino would fall to Cuevas, 6-4, 7-6 (2).


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