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There are tons of destructive items in Minecraft. End crystals, fire charges, firework rockets, TNT, etc., can all be used to inflict significant damage to the in-game world of Minecraft. Many players make TNT cannons and other weapons in order to maximize the damage they can do, but all of them serve to destroy the terrain or a build.
TNT is the most common item used in the game for that purpose for a few reasons. For starters, it is not a terribly difficult item to craft or obtain. It is also not found in other dimensions like end crystals. The only items that players need to make it explode are flint and steel.
The controls for Minecraft are the same across platforms, but Pocket Edition controls differ the most, compared to others. This is largely due to the fact that there are no physical buttons, which can make some things difficult. Here’s how players can use TNT in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
To light a TNT in Minecraft, players will need two things: flint and steel along with TNT blocks. These are two fairly easy items to obtain in the game. Flint and steel are crafted with one iron ingot and one piece of flint, which is an easy crafting recipe.
It can also be found in the following loot chests naturally in both Java and Bedrock Edition:
TNT is also easy to craft in the game. It only requires four sand blocks (players can use red sand, alternatively, but it has to be four sand blocks of the same type) and five gunpowder. Alternatively, it can also be found in chests:
Additionally, players can get it through natural generation. Nine TNT blocks can be found in each desert temple trap. Two TNT blocks are beside a trapped chest in a secret woodland mansion room.
Lighting the TNT, even in Pocket Edition, is fairly simple. TNT can be lit using flint and steel on the block. This usually requires Minecraft players to click the required button. However, in Pocket Edition, it is just a tap on the screen.
Instead of pushing a button, Pocket Edition users need to have the flint and steel in their hand, and they need to be aimed at the block of TNT. They can then lightly tap on the screen to light it.
After that, players may want to back away so they don’t take any damage. It is also important to aim on the block, otherwise something else will be lit on fire.
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