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Minecraft: Pocket Edition can facilitate mods and add-ons like other platforms, and players can enjoy an intriguing gameplay experience from the Ancient Egypt Mod.
This mod may not be as complex as the likes of Atum, but it can still be very enjoyable. Once activated, it turns 10 of the game’s mobs into Egyptian-themed characters and creatures like mummies and warrior villagers.
After a short download and installation process, Minecraft players can enjoy the full scope of the mod. The mod is available across various sites, but the simplest route tends to be via, which specializes in Pocket Edition mods and add-ons.
Downloading and activating the Ancient Egypt Mod should be fairly easy for Pocket Edition players. Since this platform runs off the Bedrock codebase like Windows 10 and console versions, it can implement the mod in just a few clicks.
Before doing so, however, players will need the mod’s .MCaddon file, which can be acquired quickly through MCPEdl.
Each mod and add-on can be a little tricky to activate, but opening a .MCaddon file directly with Minecraft PE cuts out several steps. For other mods that download in .zip or .rar format, players will need to extract the files and place them into the game’s root folder.
Fortunately, the download for Ancient Egypt is a lone .MCaddon file, so players won’t need to worry about using a file manager. Simply open up the file, set up your world preferences, toggle the add-on, and enjoy.
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