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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced an array of new features to the series, many of which should make a return in GTA 6.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas aimed to tell the simple story of a young man's return home, but evolved to tell something far greater. The further CJ delves into the inner workings of San Andreas, the more embedded in the world of crime he becomes.
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced an array of new features to the series while also perfecting some recurring ones. Some of its more iconic elements have since been discarded in favor of new additions, but a lot of fans long for their return. Though many ideas have managed to remain and become core staples of the franchise, there is still a chance they may not appear in the long-awaited sequel.
Upon returning to San Andreas after five years in Liberty City, CJ learns that Los Santos has been somewhat cut off from the outside world. The bridges leading to Las Venturas and San Fierro have been blocked off and can only be crossed after the story has progressed.
Being confined to one area of the map promotes a sense of intrigue among players and encourages them to continue the story to explore the entire map. Grand Theft Auto 5 discarded this feature by allowing the player to travel anywhere they wanted after completing the game's first mission, but the area restrictions that the series was once known for were arguably one of its most engaging features.
CJ meets Denise Robinson during the "Burning Desire" mission where he is forced to rescue her from a building that he set ablaze. Upon safely extracting her and taking her home, the option to ask her out on a date will become available to players.
Several GTA games released after San Andreas have incorporated dating, but none have done it to the same extent. Improving CJ's relationship with a love interest will allow him access to their unique vehicle and will also offer different dating scenarios depending on the level of romance achieved.
Chainsaws offer what is arguably the most visceral form of combat in the entire GTA series. While in possession of a chainsaw, the player will not need to worry about physical brawls as one fell swoop will more than likely demolish those unfortunate enough to be in the blade's radius.
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Chainsaws seem to appear randomly in the series and are never guaranteed to return, but it is difficult to deny the benefits of owning one. Their return in Grand Theft Auto 6 could allow for some much more harrowing missions and scenarios if used correctly.
GTA 5 included a surprisingly enjoyable means of escaping police in the form of trains. If suffering from a 5-star wanted level, the player could simply hop on a passing train and flee, a process that, for some reason, completely baffled pursuing police.
San Andreas allowed the player to drive trains, a feature that was absent in GTA 5. While occupying the driver's seat, CJ could adjust the speed to whatever he wanted and could even derail it by driving it too quickly. This feature permitted a shocking level of destruction, so it would be interesting to experience an updated version of it in GTA 6.
Surviving the criminal world of San Andreas required more than just impeccable aim and body armor. It was also necessary to be well-fed. The longer CJ went without eating, the more his weight would decrease, often leading to a frightening loss of health.
This concept promoted a sense of realism and served to make CJ's journey feel more natural. No one could survive to see the end of CJ's story without a few good meals, so tasking him with eating throughout the narrative made him a much more believable character. The option to alter a character's physical appearance could allow players to inject a portion of themselves into the protagonist of GTA 6, so, hopefully, the feature will make a return.
One of the most shocking twists in video game history saw Ryder and Big Smoke betraying CJ and his brother. The relationship between these four characters portrayed them as a family, but a certain lust for power revealed their bond to be shallow and fictitious.
There have been multiple betrayals in later installments, but none are as shocking as this one. The time allocated for the player to develop a fondness for these characters made their traitorous reveal much more impactful. If GTA 6 has multiple protagonists, the story's climax could see one betraying the others.
The "Black Project" mission in San Andreas allowed CJ to obtain and utilize a jetpack, one of the game's best modes of transport. After acquiring one, CJ was permitted to ascend to baffling heights, a feat that offered a jaw-dropping level of exploration.
It handled surprisingly well considering the game's somewhat unpredictable controls, so it could be implemented even more efficiently now. Soaring through the sky in an aircraft is one of the franchise's best features, but the precision a jetpack allows for makes exploration much less difficult.
Driving in GTA is a skill that needs to be obtained, but San Andreas gave players a chance to test their abilities in a driving school. Unlike an ordinary driving lesson, the missions associated with this particular school required CJ to perform a selection of stunts and tricks to receive a passing grade.
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Some stunts were exceptionally difficult to pull off, but that's what made the experience so enjoyable. Being rewarded for landing seemingly impossible jumps was an empowering feeling, so perhaps they are due for another moment in the spotlight.
San Andreas offered the player the chance to study a variety of different fighting styles. Depending on what the player desired, CJ could specialize in Kung Fu, Boxing, or Muay Thai, three unique forms of martial arts with each housing a different move set.
The option to choose from these three combat styles allowed the player to shape CJ to their liking and perform however they saw fit in hand-to-hand combat. Though each style achieved essentially the same thing, their implementation permitted some interesting experimentation.
One of CJ's main objectives during the late game of San Andreas was to reclaim Grove Street's former turfs. Several gangs have taken advantage of his absence and laid claim to what was once his, so it is up to CJ and his remaining followers to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs.
Doing so can be quite challenging due to the disorderly state of Los Santos and the power held by opposing gangs, but this makes reclaiming lost territories that much more rewarding. The ability to wipe out entire enemy groups allowed the removal of all threats and thus permitted the player to feel like the game had been fully completed.
Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development.
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