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Ghost tags, body bags, moon shooting, and a possible secret dumping ground… Have you seen these easter eggs in San Andreas?
Rockstar never fails to load their games with tons of fun easter eggs and references. Because of their attention to detail, people are still discovering new references in older games. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is no exception. However, there won't be any Bigfoot easter eggs as they were, unfortunately, just rumors and mods.
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San Andreas was released during a golden period of internet rumors and myths. Many of the rumors our friends told us and sketchy internet guides that claimed you could fight Bigfoot were part of the fun. It can be disappointing to find out that the real easter eggs were way less exciting.
In true Rockstar fashion, there's a snarky surprise waiting for players that manage to get on top of the Gant Bridge. The only way you'll practically get to the top is by carefully parachuting onto it or using a jetpack. Your reward for succeeding is a sign telling you: "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away."
Not every easter egg has a novel reference or quirky reward. Sometimes they're just the developers making cheeky remarks to overly ambitious players. You don't always need to 100% complete a game and explore every nook and cranny of the map.
If you travel north near Area 69, there's a small enclave where you can find a pick-up truck and a shovel. Inside the hole is a pit with six body bags. Considering its proximity to Las Venturas, you could easily assume it's a dumping ground for the mob. Rumors surrounding Vegas during the 80s and 90s would fuel that belief.
However, Mary-Beth Maybell, the host of K-Rose, is the most likely suspect behind the site. Maybell resides in Bone County, but her general location is unknown. Her six husbands are all deceased. During broadcasts, she makes dark remarks regarding them.
If you played the 3D generation of Grand Theft Auto, you're well aware of this easter egg. In GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, if you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle, its size will change. After three shots, the moon's size will reset.
There's absolutely no benefit to shooting the moon. It's just a cute novelty from a previous era. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can buy a sniper at the Ammo-Nation or find one in a handful of locations around the map. However, your story progress will affect accessibility and availability.
Collectathons may not suit everyone, but the rewards in San Andreas more than make up for the efforts. From increases in respect and luck to entire weapon sets in your homes, it's worth finding those oysters, horseshoes, snapshots, and tags. There is a fakeout tag that might confuse you.
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In the Vinewood Cemetery, between 20:00 to 6:00, a tag randomly appears on a wall. The moment it hits 6:01, it blips out of existence just as soon as it appeared. Even after all these years, there's no explanation for why. It's most likely a bug that's become an unintentional easter egg.
San Andreas brought back many characters from III and Vice City. One of them happened to be Catalina. Catalina plays a more subdued role this time, but she's very much the same character. As tragic as Catalina's life is, her antics throughout the franchise make her condemnable, at the very least.
Outside her home, there are three unmarked graves. Based on her dialogue throughout the Countryside mission line, she doesn't deal well with men, especially those she considers weak and inferior. Couple that with her threats to CJ, and it's not hard to see what went down at her cabin.
If you want to find an easy easter egg, head to Palomino Creek and enter the graveyard behind the Drive Thru Confessions. The only grave you can read is one for Scott Wilson. Wilson worked on the countryside artwork in San Andreas. You can find a similar easter egg in another Drive Thru Confessions in Vice City.
Rumors tend to overemphasize unremarkable easter eggs. Despite claims of mysterious lights, ghosts, and ooze around the tombstone, it's just a run-of-the-mill easter egg. What you see is what you get.
While The Gant Bridge may not "have" an easter egg, there's an information sign near the Gant Bridge Visitor Center. Some of those facts were written from an outsider's perspective. In the original version of GTA San Andreas, the sign said the bridge consists of 11 textures and 15,000 polygons. It also had a 600m draw distance and took up 1.27MB of disc space.
The remastered edition updated this information. Gant Bridge now consists of 34,815 polygons, 40 textures, and 38.9MB of disc space. A new fact about three babies being born during construction replaced the original draw distance fact.
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