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Cottagecore is a popular Minecraft design philosophy in which players create homely, well-crafted cottages, farms, and other buildings.
Cottagecore creations can look great in standard Minecraft visuals, but adding a texture pack into the mix can really bring out a build’s true appeal. This is possible in any version of the game, including Java and Bedrock Edition.
Pocket Edition, which now runs off the Bedrock engine, can also benefit from texture packs. Thanks to the Minecraft Marketplace, there is a vast collection of texture packs that players on mobile can utilize, which can be accessed directly from the game’s main menu on Bedrock-based platforms, including Windows 10, console, and mobile versions of the game.
For a more rustic feel that goes right along with Minecraft cottagecore, Jicklus is a great texture pack to consider.
The 16×16 resolution textures increase the definition of each block and item but also keep enough of Minecraft’s core aesthetic in place to prevent straying too far from the core visuals. Wooden textures are finely-grained, and players can even download a variant known as Jicklus Green, which takes special care of plantlife in-game, making a cottagecore build’s greenery pop.
For Minecraft players aiming for a more realistic feel, Wanderlust creates a solid 32×32 resolution array of textures that keep Minecraft’s core visuals while still overhauling them.
The blocks in this pack give off a high-res medieval feeling with visually dense and beautiful greenery. Even the game’s mobs have been reworked to look less cartoon-like, ensuring there’s no item, block, or entity that breaks the overall immersion of the pack. There’s no doubt that a cottagecore build made in Wanderlust will be a glorious sight to behold.
A highly-detailed texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock platforms, Realistic Textures HD by Square Dreams takes incredibly intricate detail to every block and entity in the game, including mobs.
The textures themselves are a lovely 32x resolution, and the pack utilizes custom models to make many mobs look completely different from their vanilla counterparts. This is especially true for creatures like creepers, who look like eldritch spider creatures.
Regardless, the high detail and sheen on these blocks can make a cottagecore look incredibly well-done if players’ devices can handle the performance demands of the pack.
Medieval texture packs tend to go very well with Minecraft’s cottagecore concepts, and Classic Craft does a great job of showing this.
Improving the details of most standard blocks, some blocks are simply enhanced versions of themselves while others look noticeably different altogether. This pack has very vivid, high-contrast coloration that can also be quite pleasing to the eye. Each block is also shaded to some degree, giving it a little more depth than many texture packs on the marketplace.
A Minecraft texture pack full of variety, Native adds variations to just about every block in the game while providing depthful block textures in and of themselves.
In addition to offering eye-catching textures, this pack includes custom animations for many entities in-game. While this doesn’t necessarily help with a cottagecore’s overall aesthetic, it’s still a nice addition to an all-around excellent texture pack option.
Sometimes players just need a texture pack that is a step above vanilla without getting too fancy. This texture pack by Owls Cubed fits that desire nicely, retexturing the game’s textures in an 8-bit style. Don’t let that fool you, though. The pack features hundreds of variant textures and even gives players a new custom UI to fit the overall theme.
For cottagecore purposes, players can give their build a more retro look while still looking like a Minecraft creation at its core, which is a stylistic choice many players are fans of.
One of the marketplace’s highest-rated texture packs, Conquest brings a photorealistic medieval effect to every block and item in the game. For cottagecore builds, this can make a house or farm look like it was hand-built, piece by piece.
The pack features a custom UI, 32×32 textures, and many textures made uniquely for certain blocks like fences and slabs. With this kind of realism, players can achieve a cottagecore look that is incredibly stylistic and detailed without any extra effort on their part.
Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.
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