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Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great version of the game that allows Mobile gamers to experience the fun of Minecraft in the palm of their hands. Being able to take the game anywhere is a huge bonus for some players. It is easy to play, relatively cheap ($7 USD compared to about $30 for the full versions on console or PC) and so much fun. It is a great way for Mobile gamers to get into the game.
Even for beginners, Minecraft is a fairly simple and basic game. It has been pretty much the same for a long time, which is why players should try different mods. Mods allow gamers to try different things in a game that hasn’t changed much since its inception.
For beginners, there are several great add-ons to try with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here are a few that players should try out.
Furniture is something that Minecraft, across all platforms, is severely lacking. Players who like to build have to get really creative to try and make things look correct. That is where a simple mod like this comes into play. This add-on introduces more than 500 new furniture items, including dishes and silverware. This adds almost everything a crafter could want in the game.
Many players feel that Minecraft needs more enchantments, and that is exactly what this mod brings to the table. It adds more than 10 new enchantments to the mix to provide some variety to a game that has received a very few new enchantments in a long time.
Mob animations are not the best part of this version of the game. They are not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but many players can find them to be a bit lacking. With this mod, villagers will have dynamic hands when walking, zombies will have a new swimming animation, and wolves can get excited and have a new sitting animation. Additionally, with this mod, wandering Traders will panic when chased by zombies. A lot more animations can be added to Minecraft with this excellent resource pack.
Pixelmon is one of the most popular mods out there. Everybody loves Pokemon and being able to play it in Minecraft is extremely fun for many players. However, this mod gives beginners a chance to try it out on mobile instead of having to play on Java Edition to use it. All the best parts of the Pokemon franchise can be added to Minecraft this stellar add-on.
There are tons of great advancements in Java Edition. However, this mod provides players with more tasks to complete and things to strive for, which extends the gameplay even further. This is one of the best add-ons for all players in general, not just for beginners.
Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.
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