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There’s only a few places to get the pieces.
Final Fantasy XIV didn’t just get a new North American data center with Patch 6.28, they also got the ability to dye several old armor sets from Heavensward. Turns out Square Enix made these pieces dyable for a new sweepstakes where players can enter to win a physical Glass Pumpkin.
The Tactics Ogre Reborn Screenshot Sweepstakes tasks players with dressing up in Tactics Ogre-themed gear to win some sweet loot. Eleven winners from each region will win a physical Glass Pumpkin, and 1,111 winners from each region will win a Great Paraserpent, which is an umbrella, and a Wrapped Present.
To enter, players must link a Twitter account when they submit their entry on the website. They’ll need at least one piece of the following gear in their screenshot to make the entry valid:• Valerian Terror Knight’s Plate Mail
Players need to include the “Character Name” and “Display Home World” stickers in Group Pose mode to be eligible for the sweepstakes.
The pieces players need for the sweepstakes are from Heavensward, so even those who are on the free trial can participate.
The pieces are found in two different dungeons. It doesn’t matter which version of the pieces you have, as long as they match the appearance of the pieces listed above. The two dungeons where players can find the pieces are Neverreap and The Fractal Continuum. The pieces are typically in the treasure coffer after the last boss and can sometimes be found in one of the coffers along the dungeon’s route.
Players wishing to get these items will have to actually go into the dungeons to get them, since they are unique and untradeable, meaning no one can simply buy them off of the marketplace. Luckily the dungeons can be unsynced with a level 90 character and easily cleared until you get the piece you need.
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