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Judging from trailers, screenshots and our brief time with the game, Goat Simulator 3 seems just as crazy, explosive, and irreverent as one would expect. The game is a direct sequel to the original Goat Simulator from 2014, which of course raises the question – why did they decide to skip Goat Simulator 2?
"We put a lot of money and effort into research about different numbers and what works best. And the results we got back are that 3 is a lot better number than 2, so that is why we went with 3," creative director at Coffee Stain North Santiago Ferrero explained to us during Gamescom in the deadpan manner that has become the studio’s trademark.
The Swedish developer did not only spend their time studying the occult craft of numerology but took and extensive course in goatology – or so they claim, when asked about their research.
"Definitely, we’ve been Googling a lot. We’ve been to goat yoga. Just living and breathing goats basically. For us, all animals are goats. Goats is everything. In Goat Simulator 3 we have a tall goat, which some people call a giraffe, we have angry goat that gets called rhino and so on," reveals Ferrero.
On a slightly more serious note, the developer also explained some of the Swedish touches of the game. Swedish pop music and fashion style (or lack thereof) played a huge part in the launch trailer, and the Scandinavian nation will also be part of the game, Ferrero explains:
"We have an area of the map that is called Sweden. There are tons of Swedes that you help, this guy called Sven the Swede and you help him build Swekea furniture, and we have a lot of Swedish touches and Swedish names, so there are always little Swedish parts in the game."
You can watch our full interview with Santiago Ferrero. Here, the creative director also reveals more about actual gameplay and story content. Goat Simulator 3 launches November 17 on all modern platforms except Nintendo Switch.
It’s daft and silly of course, but otherwise quite the hollow experience.
It was released yesterday for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
"For us, all animals are goats," the developer told us at Gamescom while also revealing why they skipped Goat Simulator 2.
Expect to be run over by a car or get hit by lightning while you are playing goat football.
The sequel will be coming in just a few months.
Pre-orders for the game are now live.
It’s coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
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