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Not every mission is an enjoyable adventure in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, some are incredibly frustrating.
The Grand Theft Auto series is chock-full of fun and immersive missions that allow the player to live out their wildest fantasies as a criminal. Since the franchise's inception, missions have undergone a series of alterations, but the formula for what made them so enjoyable remains at the core of them all.
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Though each mission in Grand Theft Auto follows a similar structure, some are more experimental than others and often fail in their attempt to entertain. Most of these missions lack appeal due to their designs and premises, but some have become far more infamous than others.
The "Pacific Standard Job" heist in Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the most difficult heists available in the game. Thanks to the help of Lester Crest and three other party members, the player will obtain the means to clear out the vault in the Pacific Standard bank's basement, but escaping the crime scene poses the greatest threat.
The player must escape through the bank's front door and navigate through some nearby alleys while avoiding the police. Once they have reached their getaway motorcycles, they will have to journey to the top of the map and parachute onto a surprisingly steady boat to make the rest of their escape. The party is allowed two deaths during the escape, but anymore will fail the mission.
To complete "The Snow Storm" mission in Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko Bellic must locate and infiltrate an abandoned hospital on Colony Island. The hospital is crawling with heavily armed guards that Niko must shoot down, but the most challenging part of the mission takes place after finding Elizabeta's stolen cocaine.
N.O.O.S.E ambush the hospital while Niko is inside, forcing him to fight his way out. Once a getaway vehicle has been obtained, he will be able to leave the hospital behind, but outwitting the police in his path will be extremely challenging. The mission ends once he reaches Little Jacob, but it will likely take multiple tries before this success is achieved.
"Did Somebody Say Yoga?" is one of Michael De Santa's more unique missions. Amanda, his wife, returns home to find him drinking and smoking. She is disgusted by his questionable habits and insists that he joins her for a yoga session with her instructor.
Michael reluctantly agrees, but yoga's promise of relaxation is absent from his next experience. To complete the mission, the player will need to press the correct buttons and adjust the analogs accordingly. If they fail at doing so three times the mission will end, forcing them to reattempt the arduous activity until it is successfully cleared.
The "Supply Lines" mission is perhaps the most tedious mission present in the Grand Theft Auto series, but thankfully, besting it isn't necessary to complete the main story. Zero gives CJ this mission during his stay in San Fierro; though the premise sounds simple, the process is far from easy.
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To complete the mission, the player must take control of a heavily armed toy plane to kill five couriers working for Berkley, Zero's arch nemesis. Upon disposing of each of Berkley's men, the plane must be flown back to Zero's RC store while under a tight time restraint.
The Grand Theft Auto series has formed a habit of incorporating a large amount of traveling in its missions, with "Friends Reunited" being one of the most monotonous. After catching wind of Michael's survival, Trevor packs up and sets off to Los Santos, but the journey is exhausting.
Trevor drives a Canis Bodhi. It is a wonderful vehicle for off-road driving but is severely lacking in speed. The slow pace of the journey allows for some hilarious back and forth between Trevor and Ron, but their conversation grows stale quite quickly thanks to the adventure's arduous nature.
The "Contra-Banned" mission tasks Toni Cipriani with overseeing the arrival of a drug shipment. Salvatore Leone doesn't want to risk his property being seized and insists that Toni and a group of his men monitor the shipment.
They meet several members of the Columbian Cartel and begin negotiations, but the police arrive and surround the two groups. After the cutscene plays, Toni is placed in the middle of the firing range and must act quickly to ensure his survival. He jumps into the Patriot housing the drugs and takes off. It is an infuriatingly slow car that struggles to outrun the numerous spike strips being laid out in front of it. The cars in Liberty City Stories can only withstand so much little damage, making the journey to the Pay 'n' Spray a deceptively difficult one.
To gain access to "The Doomsday Heist," certain preparations need to be made. Four Deluxos must be obtained to ensure everything goes smoothly, but acquiring them can become laborious depending on the number of people who help.
Not everyone will have people to aid in acquiring these vehicles, making the process of obtaining them quite tiresome. The player will have to venture from their Facilities into Los Santos to locate the vehicles they need, but not every quest marker will lead to the car they seek. Once one has been obtained, it must be driven back to a base as quickly as possible. The length of the first journey is forgivable, but doing it three more times makes the entire mission feel like a chore.
The "Wrong Side of the Tracks" mission has become infamous since its debut in San Andreas. The premise sees Big Smoke asking CJ to assist him in ambushing the Vagos and the San Fierro Rifa at a nearby train station, only for the pair to be ambushed themselves.
The Vagos attempt to flee from CJ on the roof of a train, so Big Smoke commands CJ to pursue and stop them. The objective of the mission appears simple at first, but the player will have to rely on Smoke to eliminate the Vagos. His shooting abilities are far from impressive, but if he fails to dispose of these enemies he will blame CJ and state "All you had to do was follow the damn train," further adding insult to CJ's injury.
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