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There are a lot of bad people in the Grand Theft Auto games. These are the truest villains, though.
Every Grand Theft Auto game introduces a fresh cast of characters. Therefore, new villains are continually being added to the series with every instalment. Yet, many of them share similar personality traits. They are typically power-hungry, greedy, and ruthless ego maniacs. Plus, it's rare to find one that is in any way sympathetic.
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But while there are similarities between many of them, they aren't all identical. Usually, there is something about an antagonist that helps them stand out from the rest, particularly in the case of the best ones. And the following villains are certainly the best and live long in the memory.
Betrayals are common in the Grand Theft Auto series, but few happen as fast as Catalina betraying Claude in GTA 3. It happens in the opening cutscene of the game, and she becomes the main antagonist from that point forward.
She's clearly a cold woman, as she has no qualms about figuratively stabbing Claude in the back and leaving him for dead despite them being together for nine years. She does it all to further her own criminal career. This is why it's easy to hate her, which makes her an effective villain.
Grand Theft Auto 4 arguably provides the most compelling main narrative in the series. In fact, it's one of the best story-driven games in general. Many characters contribute to its greatness, including Dimitri Rascalov.
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For the first few hours of knowing him, Rascalov seems like a decent guy and certainly preferable to his friend Mikhail Faustin. But it turns out he's just the more treacherous one as he later betrays Niko. After showing his true colors, it becomes clear that Rascalov has very few positive traits, as he's a cowardly snake. Therefore, it's fun to take him down.
For much of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy Vercetti is working for and trying to appease Sonny Forelli. Eventually, that relationship breaks down, and Forelli becomes the main antagonist.
It's not an example of a surprise moral turn for the mobster as Forelli seems like a jerk from pretty much the start of the game. After all, he is greedy, manipulative, and ill-tempered. So, him becoming a truly unlikable villain is actually a relief as it means you get to work against this vile human being.
There are plenty of villainous characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 – the protagonists could even be considered villains. However, few are as hatable as Devin Weston.
This guy is a billionaire businessman, and he doesn't hide that fact. In fact, he continually makes references to his wealth and talks down to anyone with less money than him, which is pretty much everyone in Los Santos, including Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. He's a great villain because he's very relatable. Even if you've never met someone as rich as Weston, you'd probably come across people with similar attitudes.
Darko Brevic is perhaps the closest thing the GTA series has to a sympathetic main villain. Yet, he's probably more tragic than sympathetic. After all, this man sold out all his comrades for drug money before the events of GTA 4.
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There's a little more to it than that, as he had also become disillusioned with the war after seeing some of his loved ones die. The whole mess made him a broken man. It's a compelling backstory and helps make Darko a captivating villain despite his limited screen time.
One of the most heartbreaking and surprising betrayals in GTA history is executed by Big Smoke in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This guy is the first friendly face CJ reunites with during the game. And in the early hours of the story, he seems like a loyal member of the iconic GSF gang.
More so, he seems to be an effective comic-relief character, which makes his treachery even more shocking. It does make him a good villain, though, as you really want to get your hands on him.
In real life, the average person isn't a fan of the Government, and they'd hate them even more if Steve Haines actually existed. He is a pompous FIB agent who only cares about himself and his career. As a result, he is willing to do anything it takes to better his position in the Government, including seemingly breaking any law imaginable.
What makes him even more hateable is the hold he has over the protagonists. With the dirt he has on Michael, in particular, he could easily ruin his life. So, they have to do what he says, and he loves lording over them.
Tenpenny is the first person you meet as CJ in GTA San Andreas. And from that first scene, it's clear that this man is a great and easy-to-hate villain. For starters, he's an incredibly corrupt police officer who, instead of stopping gang violence and drug dealing, encourages and gains profit from it.
He's also guilty of many accounts of police intimidation and brutality throughout the game. It seems like he loves having power over people and is not afraid of abusing it. So, overall, he's a terrible human being.
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