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Minecraft servers are a great place for players to play games together, meet new people, and hang out. Anyone can create a server. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect one, as there are multiple servers that have thousands of players online at once.
It is challenging to find active servers that have fun games. This list will go over seven of the most active servers for Pocket Edition.
FadeCloud is a cross-platform server that consistently gets hundreds of concurrent players. The fact that it is cross-platform is interesting because that means you can play alongside Java Edition players. This server has Prison, Skyblock, and Earth, with Prison being the most popular gamemode.
IP: bedrock.fadecloud.com
HyperLands is a popular Pocket Edition server that frequently has over 1,000 concurrent players. HyperLands has multiple game modes including UHC Meetup, TheBridge, BedWars, SkyWars, and Duels.
A blank NPC in the lobby hints that a new game is going to be added soon, so that is another thing to look out for while playing HyperLands. The server also has its own custom texture pack. A lot of players say that this server has a lot of similarities to the popular Java server, Hypixel.
IP: play.hyperlandsmc.net
Vortex Network is a popular cross-platform server where Pocket Edition players can play with their Java Edition friends. This server consistently has over 1,000 online players at once. Their game modes include Prison, Skyblock, and Survival; Prison.
IP: bedrock.vortexnetwork.net
MCHub is another very popular cross-platform server that is a ton of fun for both Pocket Edition and Java Edition players. At the time of writing this article, MCHub has over 6,000 online players. MCHub currently has three different games: Atlantic Realm, Skyblock Sun, and 1.18 Survival; with Skyblock being the most popular.
IP: pe.mchub.com
Years ago, Mineplex dominated the Java Edition server world, becoming the most popular and active server of all time. Currently, players can find Mineplex in the Pocket Edition as one of the few featured servers partnered with Microsoft.
Mineplex offers a variety of unique games, including mini-games, Creative Housing, Survival, Cake Wars, Speed Builders, Mob Arena, Master Builders, and Block Hunt. Mineplex consistently gets 5,000-9,000 online players.
IP: pe.mineplex.com
The Hive is yet another popular, old Java Edition server that has switched to Bedrock. The Hive has its own custom texture pack that is very detailed, making the game look even more amazing with detailed 3D models.
The title has multiple unique games available, including Survival Games, Murder Mystery, Treasure Wars, Skywars, Just Build, Hide and Seek, and Deathrun. The Hive even has many regions, so players from different continents can play together. At the time of writing this, The Hive has over 16,000 players online.
IP: geo.hivebedrock.network
CubeCraft is yet another Java Edition server turned Bedrock. At the time of writing this, CubeCraft has almost 17,000 online players. CubeCraft has many unique games, including Parkour, Block Wars, Lucky Blocks, Skywars, Egg Wars, Skyblock, Battle Arena, Minerware, and Survival Games. CubeCraft also has their own custom resource pack that is very nice to look at.
IP: cubecraft.net
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