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Andri Ragettli will make your jaw drop with his balancing act.
He jumps onto skateboards, hops on huge exercise balls, rides a bike on a wood plank and backflips off a tyre – all this with a mask on. That’s Swiss freestyle skier an snowboarder Andri Ragettli for you in a video that has impressed thousands of people – including Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. 
In a video posted by the official Twitter account of the Olympics, Mr Ragettli can be seen acing a jaw-dropping obstacle course with apparent ease. His routine includes rolling on a cylinder with one leg, jumping on a series of bouncy balls, balancing on impossibly narrow surfaces and walking a tightrope, among other things. All this he does without stopping to pause for breath or taking off his mask.
The video was originally posted by Andri Ragettli himself earlier this month. He captioned it “Parcour part 5.0” and said that he managed to perfect the routine after “148 tries”.
Parkour, also known as freerunning, is a  physical discipline of training where athletes traverse obstacles in a man-made or natural environment without any supporting equipment. The aim is to cross the obstacles in the most efficient way possible.
The floor is lava! ????????

Since being re-posted by the Olympics, the video has garnered over 98,000 views and hundreds of impressed comments.
“This is some crazy balancing here,” wrote Mr Abdullah while sharing the clip. 
This is some crazy balancing here ????????
“I love that it’s all done with a mask on! #2020,” wrote one person in the comments section.
Another Twitter user hailed it as the “Epitome of practice, tenacity and concentration.”
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