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Emeralds are one of the best items in Minecraft. They were also pretty rare before the 1.14 Village and Pillage update. They’re still not easy to come by, but they are available in more ways.
Players can get stacks of emeralds and may not know exactly what to do with them, especially since there is sadly no emerald armor (there is in Minecraft Dungeons, so there is hope).
However, aside from spending them on trades, there are other uses. Even if they just get used for trades, that’s still a valuable use for them, depending on the trades. Here are the best benefits for them.
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Whether in block form or regular resource form, emeralds can be used to decorate a home. They can be placed in an item frame and “hung” in a home to serve as an alternative to paintings.
Emerald blocks can also be used in whatever fashion a crafter may see fit. Both forms are versatile for building and decorating.
The color green may not match everything, but it doesn’t clash with many things. It’s a good color to decorate a home with, mainly because there are a few shades of it in Minecraft.
Emerald blocks can be substituted with iron blocks, diamond blocks, and gold blocks when making a beacon. However, those other blocks have more uses than emeralds and might be harder to come by.
Indeed, gamers should consider using emerald blocks instead of diamonds. They’re far too valuable for that. Emeralds can be traded to get them in mass, making crafting the beacon stand much easier than with other resources.
Nine emeralds make one block, and players need 164 blocks to fully power a beacon, which equals nearly 1,500 emeralds.
The best and easiest use for emeralds is trading with villagers. They serve as the only in-game currency and can be used to trade for items or trade away items. Players can get Hero of the Village from a raid and lower the prices to get the best use of their trades.
If players have emeralds to spend, these are the best trades to look for:
Players can breed villagers and set them up with job blocks to get those good trades.
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