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Shredder’s Revenge might be a beat ’em up, but it’s not a one-dimensional game. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the new TMNT game.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shedder's Revenge continues the revival of the beat 'em up genre, which began with games like publisher Dotemu's Streets of Rage 4. Its fidelity to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license, both the original animated series and the many classic TMNT games, adds a layer of nostalgia for '90s kids on top of its innovative gameplay.
That gameplay might be daunting for newcomers to the genre who were lured in by the license or the fact that Shredder's Revenge launched on Xbox Game Pass on its release day. While it is a beat 'em up, its gameplay isn't as simplistic as that implies. Here are some tips and tricks for anyone struggling to unlock sporting goods enthusiast Casey Jones as they make their way through Shredder's Revenge's 16 stages.
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Because Shredder's Revenge is a faithful recreation of classic TMNT games, it doesn't treat the Turtles and their allies interchangeably. That's something to keep in mind when picking a main, beyond it being a good idea to become familiar with each character for multiplayer. As tempting as it might be to choose one's childhood favorite Turtle, or April, Splinter or Casey due to the novelty of their inclusion, it's best to experiment with the whole roster before settling on a go-to. Players might find themselves appreciating Donatello's range or Leonardo's versatility even if they were more of a fan of Michelangelo's party dude personality in the show or the comics.
Any given stage in Shredder's Revenge rewards aggressive play. While the game offers evasive dodge rolls straight out of a Soulslike game, it doesn't pay to play it safe with the hordes of Foot Clan Ninja that populate the levels. Staying on the offensive against them is the best plan of action as players make their way toward each level's boss. Once players get there, it's time to be more cautious. Like any arcade beat 'em up boss worth their salt, they each have their patterns. Learning when to exploit their moments of vulnerability and when to dodge their attacks is the key to making it out of a level with as many lives intact as possible.
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Though working through Foot Clan cannon fodder rewards aggression, there is still a level of strategy involved in it. While the game is a beat 'em up, its combat doesn't have to be repetitive. As much fun as it might be to spam Michelangelo's Street Fighter II-homaging flying headbutt or Raphael's German Suplex, it's also a good way to take unnecessary damage. The key to high combos is varying attacks to set up juggles. Learning the counters to certain weapon-wielding enemy types, like using a slide to attack spear-wielding Foot, adds another level of strategy to combat.
Each playable character having a weapon means there won't be shurikens or lead pipes strewn about the level like there are in Streets of Rage or Final Fight. That doesn't mean that players can't use elements of the level to cause damage. The levels in Shredder's Revenge have traps that can potentially take out multiple enemies if players time things right. For instance, a camera in the first level can be used as a projectile to instantly kill three enemies. The time-honored video game trope of exploding barrels is also in full effect, which can come in handy when dealing with the dreaded Mousers.
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Moving beyond beat 'em ups, Shredder's Revenge takes inspiration from classic pro-wrestling games like WWF No Mercy for one of its mechanics. Each character has a taunt that players can use by tapping a shoulder button. Beyond adding insult to injury after defeating a particularly difficult boss, taunts can also refill a character's Super Attack meter. While it can backfire if timed incorrectly, as it leaves the player open for an attack, taunting judiciously can make working through a level easier, as Super Attacks can help players avoid being overwhelmed by the Foot's superior numbers and take a decent chunk out of a boss' health bar.
Destructible objects in Shredder's Revenge's levels can reveal a familiar genre trope with a TMNT twist. The healing food that can be found hidden in objects throughout levels is a staple of the Turtles' diet: pizza. Beyond fulfilling that genre requirement, collectibles can also be found hidden throughout levels. After discovering their hiding places in levels and freeing them, supporting characters from the classic TMNT cartoon series will give players side quests. Collectibles aren't just for bragging rights — finding items completes these quests, which helps players level up their character with perks like more HP and new moves. It's a good incentive to not just plow through levels.
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