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The dystopian cyberpunk side-scroller Replaced got a new gameplay trailer at The Game Awards. The game was initially revealed in June 2021 and slated for a release within the same year, Replaced was delayed with no certain release window provided to fans.
The game remained MIA for well over a year until now, it got a new gameplay trailer during The Game Awards that not only showed some more of what the game has to offer but also confirmed the release window for Replaced. If there aren’t any further delays, Replaced should finally make it to players’ hands sometime in 2023.
Replaced’s breathtaking realistic and pixelated art style is unique, to say the least. The dichotomy of the two styles somehow complements everything so well and is not something we’ve ever seen in the past.
replaced new gameplay trailer at TGAs
The new trailer shows off some more sci-fi gameplay of the action platformer, including some combat as well. The previous trailers from the developers did not show much gameplay, especially combat, but that was remedied in the latest trailer.
In Replaced we take control of R.E.A.C.H, an AI that is trapped in a human body against its will. The game aims to blend cinematic platforming with freeflow action combat with an engaging narrative set in an alternate version of 1980.

Replaced takes place in Pheonix City, a corrupt and dangerous city full of outlaws and strife. And we learn about it from the perspective of an AI that knows nothing about humanity. The narrative shows great potential at the surface level, but we have yet to see how it pans out.
The game wears its cyberpunk Blade Runner inspirations on its sleeve, and the developer Sad Cat Studios want to make a deep world with a complex past. Replaced will end up on Pc, Xbox Series S|X, and Xbox GamePass. On PC, it will be both on Steam and the Epic Games Store.
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