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Are you ready to become a team-focused puzzle solver in The Past Within? These great tips are sure to help!
The Past Within is a co-op, puzzle, mystery, point-and-click style adventure game from Rusty Lake that was released on November 2, 2022. As it is designed to be played by two players, it offers a great opportunity to spend time with friends or family, and an excellent way to bond with other people who share the same interests.
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The Past Within consists of two chapters that offer engaging and unique experiences for players. In the first chapter, players in the past will be able to explore a room, while those in the future will interact with a mysterious cube. In chapter two, the positions are switched. This gives both players a variety of activities to complete to resurrect the character in the future. Communication is essential when playing The Past Within, as both players will be experiencing the game in different settings, either in the past or the future. Players must work together to solve puzzles and riddles and progress through the game.
A stable internet connection is a must for anyone looking to get the most out of their online gaming experience. The Past Within is not so different in that sense. Playing the game itself does not require being online. However, unless those involved are from the same household, they won't be able to communicate to solve the game's puzzles.
Luckily, The Past Within has an auto-save function so, in case of any disruption, players won't lose all the progress. Playing the game does not require an internet connection to connect the two players; however, it is still recommended to have a reliable one for communication.
To have an easier time solving the puzzles in The Past Within, players should know their co-op partners well. It's important to know that each gamer has their own way of dealing with puzzles and interpreting the game before starting to play. Knowing how the other person communicates can help players work together more effectively. It may not be as important if the players are familiar with each other, but if they are not, this can help for a better game experience.
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One of the best ways to figure out how to communicate most effectively is to discuss their experiences with puzzle games with each other. This will provide players with a better understanding of how they can solve puzzles and interact. Players can also ask their co-op partners about their favorite puzzle games to get an idea of the kinds of puzzles they enjoy.
The very first thing players need to do when starting up The Past Within is to choose the right options before they can start solving the puzzles. This is extremely important, as otherwise, players will not be able to play together. The options are quite simple: First, both players have to decide who plays in the past and future, and they cannot both pick the same option. Secondly, the players get to pick either the bee or the butterfly, and they must pick the same animal to be able to play the same version. Lastly, players should ensure they are in sync by pressing and holding buttons simultaneously.
Players can replay The Past Within and select the opposite time setting and animal they didn't choose the first time around. Using this unique mechanic allows players to experience the narrative and the riddles from a different angle. Replaying puzzle games can be a great way to have fun and exercise your mind.
A variety of communication apps exist for different purposes, yet not all may suit players' needs. For example, Discord is a strong choice to consider. This software is designed for gaming communities, offering gamers great features. It is free and easy to use, and it is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The latest Discord update also allows players to join voice chat from Xbox.
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Discord also allows gamers to connect and share tips and tricks for games, join communities, and stay in touch with friends. With features such as a server and private voice chat, it is perfect for co-op gaming. Players can also screen share, and send text, images, and videos. Keep in mind the latter features are not recommended for The Past Within as it takes away from the purpose of solving the puzzles. Players should not view each other's screens when playing this puzzle game, as it is not meant to be played on a split screen. It is good to know that Rusty Lake has a server designed to bring together players who enjoy their games. If players don't have anyone to play the game with, they can also reach out to the players on the server.
Good communication is key to a fun co-op experience while playing The Past Within. During the gameplay, players should be in the voice chat with their co-op partner and communicate often. This will help ensure that both players are on the same page and working towards solving the puzzles.
It's also important to be a good listener. This means being patient and attentive when the other player is speaking and explaining their side of the puzzle. As the game gives tasks to be completed, it is critical for both players to go toward the solution, step-by-step together. Solving a piece of the puzzle will open up new possibilities on either side of the timeline, and players should report any progressions.
Although The Past Within is not a hidden object game, every small detail matters. Sometimes, the solution to a puzzle can be found in the most unexpected places. Players need to be observant and pay attention to their surroundings to find all parts of the solution. To do this, players need to communicate with each other often and share any observations or thoughts they have. The more details players can share with each other, the easier it will be to solve the puzzle.
There will be some elements that do not seem relevant to any puzzle, but they will all come together with the progression. There are also interactive things to get in-game and Steam achievements.Players should interact with everything, sometimes multiple times, to ensure they don't overlook anything hidden.
The Past Within is a lighthearted game meant to be enjoyed with a friend or family member by cooperating towards uncovering a great tale and solving unique puzzles. There is no countdown or time limit for completing the game. With that in mind, players should not take things too seriously and enjoy the game at their own pace.
Players should still strive to solve the puzzles, as it is more fulfilling to find the solution without any external help. If they become stuck, they can refer to a walkthrough or seek help from other players.
The Past Within is currently available on Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.
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