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Minecraft is a game where players can customize almost anything. Players can do this by building different worlds or even downloading fully built worlds online. However, they can also change their existing worlds by using special addons for their game that can help them to change the way their game looks and feels.
Here are the five best addons for players to download.

Addons are a great way for players to enhance their game for Minecraft Pocket Edition, whether they include resource packs, new animations, or even new items to use in their worlds. Players can download the addons and then install them in their worlds.

Furnicraft is a great way for players to add furniture to their Minecraft worlds. In fact, for those who are looking to customize their homes or builds and make them feel even more realistic, this may be one of the best addons.
This addon has over 500 pieces of custom furniture that players can place in their builds. It includes couches, chairs, bathtubs, and even food to place down.
Players can rotate most of the blocks to fit their liking and have them placed a lot easier. Some of the blocks also have functionality, such as couches and chairs, which will enable players to sit on them.

This addon is for players who want their blocky characters to move a bit more realistically and express some more emotion with it. It features the ability to make players have more fluid animations for things such as swimming, crouching, swimming, sprinting, and flying. This mod is also not too intensive on players’ devices either.
There are many different animations for almost anything players can think of, including mining, sword attacks, taking damage, etc.

Actual Guns 3D is a fantastic addon for those looking to change up the entire combat flow of Minecraft. This addon includes almost any gun type that players can think of, from pistols to shotguns and even sniper rifles. Players can engage with their enemy from afar with this fantastic 3D gun addon. They can even talk to the Cleric villager to begin trading for guns.
This addon can be used in single and multiplayer and features unique animations for first and third-person views.

Combining two amazing gaming franchises is a great concept. And players can do just that with SERP Pokedrock and combine the best of Minecraft with the Pokemon universe. They can capture and battle Pokemon and even visit towns and Pokemon centers. There is a lot to do, and players must have their wits about them to find all of the Pokemon in many different biomes.
Also, there are many different recipes for players to learn how to craft in SERP Pokedrock. These include things such as the Pokedex, Rotomarket, and even a bike to get around.
Players of Minecraft can also face off against trainers and earn badges as they seek out the Legendary Pokemon who inhabit the world.

For players looking to bring a little bit of horror to their Minecraft worlds, the SCP Foundation Add-on is a fantastic choice. This addon features numerous popular SCPs for players to encounter. Players can use weaponry and other containment measures as they seek to survive in a world inhabited by dangerous SCPs.
This addon includes mobs such as SCP-173 that feature different behaviors iconic to how the SCP acts in the lore. For example, players who look at SCP-173 will find they do not move as long as they make eye contact. To get rid of them, players must mine them with a diamond axe.
Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.
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