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Typically, mods are associated with Minecraft Java Edition. That’s because, in technical terms, “mods” cannot be applied to Bedrock Edition. However, Bedrock players are not entirely left out because there are plenty of addons that can change the game.
Mods are often used to spice up the game or change how things look or act. For Bedrock players, two addons exist that can alter that: behavior packs and resource packs.
These can be used to add furniture, which is a popular addon for all crafters since it’s one thing the game is sorely lacking. Here are some furniture addons built for Pocket Edition to try out.
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This furniture addon adds well over 20 pieces of furniture to the game. Furniture is one thing most crafters wish was a more significant part of the game, and this addon suitably addresses that issue. However, instead of being in the Creative menu or craftable, furniture items here are for purchase from a new, specific villager.
Players can trade what is called a Bit-Emerald to get furniture. That same emerald is how the trade is activated by a player using it on the villager.
Bzf Furniture’s Addon introduces over 100 new furniture items. Minecraft has very few in the vanilla version of the game, so this mod sets out to remedy that.
Clocks, air conditioners, telephones, televisions, showers, working appliances, and more have all been added thanks to this beautiful addon.
50 new furniture items are added with this addon. The neat part for this one is that most of the items are based on mobs in the game.
It’s a great way to introduce new features while keeping it familiar and true to the original game.
This addon changes the game by adding furniture, but it also retextures a major part of the game. It makes Minecraft feel fresh and new, which can be helpful for a game going on 13 years of activity.
There are 25 new items with over 80 variations, including a tv, benches, music players, and more.
This mod was recently updated and is good to go with Minecraft version 1.18, which not every addon can say. It also boasts 180 new furniture items, another thing most addons can’t boast. The recent update added several interactions with furniture items, three channels to the television, etc.
They’ve even added realistic sound effects for the television, the air conditioner, any flowing water, and three songs for the music player.
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