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Applications indeed give more flexibility than web platforms. But not all are created equal. Let’s see the best mobile apps for trading cryptocurrencies compiled by Naijaknowhow.
Mobile cryptocurrency trading apps are a must-have for devotees who want to trade cryptos from anywhere, anytime. Indeed, cryptos are very volatile assets and that’s why the Central Bank of Nigeria banned crypto transactions in the country. However, the markets are open 24 hours a day, so you have to be ready at any time to take advantage of good deals or sell in order to limit losses. Here are the best crypto trading apps in Nigeria.
Applications indeed give more flexibility than web platforms but not all are created equal. Let’s see the best mobile apps for trading cryptocurrencies compiled by Naijaknowhow.
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SnappyExchange crypto trading app is one of the best apps to trade your cryptocurrency. The app has a simple user interface that can make you operate the app without any guide. You can instantly buy and sell different types of cryptocurrency, ranging from Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc., for Naira, without delay.
Once you launch the app on your mobile device, you will be prompted to create an account, and once you have completed those steps, you will be able to start trading your cryptocurrency on the app immediately.
Having been around since 2020, SnappyExchange has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the best platform to trade your cryptocurrency. To download the app, visit the official website at or go to the Play Store or Appstore and search for Snappy Exchange. After downloading the app, you will be able to start trading crypto easily without delays.
BREET is an automated trading application that lets you quickly sell Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoins, Ethereum, and Litecoins for naira. This platform allows you to sell your cryptocurrency online in a secure manner. They always offer the best crypto rates in Nigeria by employing customer-centric frameworks.
For each cryptocurrency, each BREET user has a unique wallet address. Simply send any cryptocurrency to your BREET wallet address whenever you wish to sell it. The system will detect the inflow on the blockchain network automatically. It is then converted to naira or cedis (depending on your default option) using the best rates available. To get started, download the BREET App on Play Store and Appstore to start trading crypto easily.
Prestmit is an over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchange application that is available for web and mobile users. Prestmit supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoins, Tether etc. Having been in existence since 2019, Prestmit has, over the years, proven to be one of the best apps to sell cryptocurrencies easily in Nigeria and Ghana.
The Prestmit platform is equipped with autonomous transaction procedures, making it very simple for users to exchange their crypto for fiat. Available fiat options include naira and cedis. On Prestmit, transactions are automatic, and crypto received to the user’s wallet is automatically credited to the user’s fiat wallet with no manual intervention required.
Above all, Prestmit also allows users to buy bitcoins using gift cards, making it the only crypto trading application in Nigeria that offers this flexibility. Feel free to download Prestmit App on Play Store and Appstore for the best crypto transactions.
Binance Bitcoin Marketplace and Crypto Wallet
Binance is one of the most popular exchanges in the world. Its application is ideal for beginners because it is simple, intuitive and easy to use. The main advantage of Binance is that the number of cryptos you can trade is large: several hundred.
Binance’s app allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with your smartphone and view your transaction history. You will also be able to see and manage your open positions and your portfolios.
For trading, there are different types of basic orders: limit order, market order and stop order. With over 380 currency pairs, Binance’s app gives you a wide choice to trade even the least coveted cryptocurrencies. The application also allows you to buy cryptos with fiat currency by credit card. It is available for iOS and Android.
Coinbase Pro Bitcoin and Crypto Trading
Coinbase is also a popular platform and particularly suitable for beginners. Its mobile app, Coinbase Pro, is available on the App Store and Google Play. It is just as easy to use.
Coinbase Pro is designed for savvy traders who want the information and tools they need to trade from anywhere. It incorporates the candle chart, a market depth chart, the order book as well as all types of orders.
KuCoin Bitcoin Exchange and Crypto Wallet
KuCoin is a smaller, less well-known and de facto less “secure” platform. However, it remains easy to use. The platform has a fairly large volume of transactions. Its application is designed for novice traders, but more experienced traders will find all the essential tools to trade properly.
The application has a new simple and intuitive interface. It offers basic functionality such as buying and selling crypto, as well as deposit and withdrawal. It is perfectly synchronized with the web platform.
Support is available directly from the app. When it comes to trading, a dynamic Japanese candlestick chart is integrated. It is possible to set price alerts so that you never run out of exciting opportunities. We also find in the application the possibility of managing several accounts, which can be very practical for the most active cryptocurrency traders.
That concludes our list of the best crypto trading apps for Android and iOS in Nigeria. These bitcoin trading mobile applications have been carefully chosen and include some of the features that every crypto trader is seeking. Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoins, and Litecoins, among other popular cryptocurrencies, may be exchanged easily on the following apps in a secure and hassle-free manner. In addition, feel free to share any other reliable crypto trading apps you’ve used in the comments section below. is a technology blog that publishes tech news, phone specs, reviews, new gadgets and everything around the technology world. We provide you with the latest technology tips and information from the tech space locally and globally.
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