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Today, 14 interesting video games land on the App Store for your iOS devices, especially The Past Within, Isle of Arrows, How to Say Goodbye and ARIDA: Backlands Awakening.
Thursday is to video games what Wednesday is to cinema, which is why you find at iPhoneSoft: Thursday game outings for iPhone, iPod and iPad for years.
A gigantic open world with gigantic scale and detailed graphics thanks to the Unreal 4 engine which powers 6 large open fields with a real size of 3 to 5 kilometers. Visually, it’s a smack in the style of Genshin Impact or Dragon Raja.
With a history of opposition due to a long and interminable war, the Traha will grow by cooperating or competing with the two ruling factions, Naiad and Vulcan, in fierce battles. Choose between Naiad and Vulcan factions and become the hero of their story in this spectacular online adventure game.

Download free game Traha Global

skies of chaos icon game ipa iphone ipadSkies of Chaos (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v0.1.0, 421MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)
Exclusively for Netflix subscribers. You are the last hope of the resistance! So get in the cockpit and challenge the evil empire in this colorful shoot ’em up arcade game.
General Guenillard and his henchmen want to crush the last rebels and impose their law on a world in ruins. Many resistance fighters have already disappeared or been captured… Facing them, you are Captain Pagneul, an outstanding fighter pilot tasked with reversing the course of things in order to restore hope to the troops fighting for freedom.
Download free game Skies of Chaos
skies of chaos capture game ipa iphone ipad
the past within game icon ipa iphone ipadThe Past Within (Game, Adventure/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.04, 368MB, iOS 13.0, Rusty Lake)
Important: The Past Within is only played in co-op. Both players must each have a copy of the game on their device (mobile, tablet or computer), as well as a way to communicate.
The past and the future cannot be explored alone! Team up with a friend and unravel the mysteries surrounding Albert Vanderboom. Tell your teammate what you see around you to solve cooperative puzzles and explore the world from different perspectives!
The Past Within is the first co-op point and click adventure set in the mysterious world of Rusty Lake.

To download The Past Within at €3.49
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moonscape icon game ipa iphone ipadMoonscape (Game, Education/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 306MB, iOS 11.0, Paperbox Studio)
Use the touchscreen to navigate and pick up items. Click on an inventory item to bring up the menu.
Equip items before using them in the environment.
Sow the lunar soil to plant space plants to harvest. You can breed specially modified animals for livestock.
Sell ​​your items in the market or buy additional seeds/equipment.
Download free game Moonscape
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granny io icon game ipa iphone (Game, Adventure/Role Playing, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.0, 54MB, iOS 12.3, David Hwa)
Lots of monsters and enemies in the city. Granny must defeat them, it’s a war, fight back and get treasures and rescue hostages. She must earn more money to save the city.
You can play anywhere, anytime. It’s a boring game that kills.
Download free game
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gallag icon game ipa iphone ipadgallag (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 22MB, iOS 8.0, KAEGUREE)
Do you remember the game Galaga?
If you miss the nostalgia of the past, try Gallag with its simple controls and intuitive interface.
Download free game gallag
gallag capture game ipa iphone ipad
dracula city master idle army icon game ipa iphone ipadDracula City Master: Idle Army (Game, Simulation, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.3, 186MB, iOS 11.0, Tilting Point LLC)
Welcome to Dracula City Master, the ultimate incremental horror tower defense game! Lead your own army of vampires to conquer the world. Grow your army at your fingertips and unleash hordes of bloodthirsty vampires with one goal: total domination!
Unlike other tower defense games, Dracula City Master puts you in command of an army of vampires that grows as you plunder towns and villages and convert the humans you encounter to join your thirsty horde! The only way to win is to turn all humans into vampires!
Download free game Dracula City Master: Idle Army
dracula city master idle army capture game ipa iphone ipad
creatures of the deep icon game ipa iphone ipadCreatures of the Deep (Game, Sports, iPhone/iPad, v1.07, 195MB, iOS 11.0, Infinite Dreams Inc.)
Disturbing news is coming from all over the world about mysterious monsters from the depths.
You have to meet the local people and investigate. You don’t have much time!
Join anglers around the world and travel through the most exotic fishing spots in the world, cast a fishing line and catch record fish, sea creatures, underwater treasures and even some monsters among a hundred “things “fishing!
Download free game Creatures of the Deep
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beyond chess icon game ipa iphone ipadBeyond Chess (Game, Education/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.1, 649MB, iOS 11.0, David Crockett)
Chess has evolved! Welcome to Beyond Chess, the chess sequel! Move a piece, then move a square. The chessboard is now an integral part of the game! It’s really the natural evolution of chess that changes everything in gameplay.
Create your own tray design or choose from a growing library of over 180 designs! Then play against friends or compete against players from around the world to see who really is the best chess player in the world! Each chessboard layout offers new challenges to explore. Countless possibilities.
Download free game Beyond Chess
beyond chess capture game ipa iphone ipad
ancient demons icon game ipa iphone ipadAncient Demons (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.4, 43 MB, iOS 16.0, Alex Dorion)
Collect items to attack your demonic enemy or increase your own energy. Collect Spirit Rings to help you in your fight. But watch out for demonic pentagrams that cause destruction. Prove your skills on Game Center. Success is not guaranteed.
Free and without ads!
Download free game Ancient Demons
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yestertide icon game ipa iphone ipadYestertide (Game, Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.01, 400MB, iOS 8.0, MysteryCaper, LLC)
Welcome to YESTERTIDE, another thrilling puzzler from the team at MysteryCaper. Enjoy your visit. You’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
You’ve been hiking for days. You are tired, you are in pain. You just want to SLEEP… You come across a picturesque old village. YESTERTIDE. Quiet, unassuming, with cobblestones. You will rest here. It’s funny, though. You’ve never heard of this place, and it’s not on any map. But OK. That’ll do for now. But when is it NOW exactly? And why do you feel like someone – or something – is watching you?
Handcrafted levels that take you on an unparalleled adventure…
To download Yestertide at €5.99
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isle of arrows icon game ipa iphone ipadIsle of Arrows (Game, Board/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.1.0, 121MB, iOS 12.0, Studio Gridpop Inc)
The highly anticipated Isle of Arrows has arrived. An innovative mix of genres where you have to build your defense tile by tile, on an ever-changing territory.
A roguelike tower defense where each game is randomly generated with different tiles, enemies, rewards and events.
But that’s not all, you will find a variety of game modes, guilds, game modifiers and challenges that make each game unique and add endless replayability.

To download Isle of Arrows at €6.99
isle of arrows capture game ipa iphone ipad
how to say goodbye game icon ipa iphone ipadHow to Say Goodbye (Game, Adventure/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.4, 961MB, iOS 12.0, ARTE Experience)
How to say Goodbye tells the story of a person recently transformed into a ghost, lost in an unknown world populated by disoriented spirits. In this narrative puzzle game, move the setting to allow the characters to escape from this parallel reality in which they are lost.
Help them find their friends trapped by a mysterious wizard and accompany them on their journey to the other side.
15 chapters with well-thought-out puzzles and high-quality production by Arte.

To download How to Say Goodbye at €4.99
how to say goodbye capture game ipa iphone ipad
arida backlands awakening icon game ipa iphone ipadARIDA: Backlands Awakening (Game, Adventure/Education, iPhone/iPad, v1.17, 780MB, iOS 12.0, Aoca Game Lab)
A single-player Spanish game with elements of adventure and survival.
Explore the most arid regions, collect resources and discover clues to the fate of Cícera, a young girl who braves the drought to explore the Brazilian hinterland of the 19th century and find her parents. Use your machete and hoe for vital actions like fetching water, clearing paths, or cutting a stalk of corn. But don’t forget to have a handful of rocks, because blind gear is useless!

To download ARIDA: Backlands Awakening at €2.49
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