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Customization is a huge part of the Minecraft experience, regardless of what version a player finds themselves on.
To that end, Minecraft players and Mojang have created a huge collection of texture packs that can be utilized to recreate their gaming world visually. Most of these packs change the textures of most aspects of the game, including blocks, mobs, and even the skybox. However, some packs come bundled in resource packs or alongside shaders, further customization.
Although it can be tempting to download the highest resolution textures and shaders, players should be mindful of what their device can handle visually in Minecraft: Pocket Edition without taking a hit to their performance.
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Minecraft players spend their fair share of time mining and searching for material blocks for their builds. However, some more scarce blocks like diamonds and ancient debris aren’t always easy to spot.
Thanks to X-Ray texture packs like the 1.18 pack provided by d6b, players will be able to find tons of materials in a concise period. One of the best aspects of this particular pack is that players can customize what blocks they will see through and which will still appear, ensuring that the desired blocks are easy to head to without interruption.
It won’t be for everybody, especially players who consider it cheating, but other players may like a pack that helps them find more of what they need.
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A longtime favorite of Minecraft: Pocket Edition players, Bare Bones by RobotPantaloons keeps the game’s traditional look but simplifies it significantly. Textures are smoothed out, creating a much more blocky and minimalist appearance.
This is a great look for players who enjoy retro-styled gaming, as the blocks in Bare Bones carry the appearance of old-school artistic assets. It may be a bit too basic for some players, but this pack has a very distinct appearance compared to its counterparts and it runs exceptionally well on most hardware.
Sometimes, players want an improvement in their vanilla experience. Thankfully, an entire genre of “Vanilla+” packs and mods exist for exactly that reason. One great example is MultiPixel Texture Pack, which upscales its existing textures without altering them.
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By default, textures are rendered at 16×16 pixels and MultiPixel raises that resolution to 32×32 pixels. The textures implemented by Mojang are still there. They’re just crisper and more well-defined, thanks to the resolution increase. With that in mind, performance hits should be negligible, if noticeable, for players.
For Minecraft players wanting a crisp, photorealistic texture pack for Pocket Edition, FuseRealism is an excellent choice. Rendered at 256×256 pixels and including well over 100 textures, FuseRealism will require quality hardware to run without FPS drops, but its textures are beautiful.
FuseRealism also improves in other areas, as it is technically bundled as a resource pack. Players can get lost in the high-res natural environment, including ambient sounds like chirping birds and swaying foliage, even on Pocket Edition.
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If Minecraft players are looking for a Pocket Edition texture pack that looks clean and well-constructed without hitting their FPS, Flow’s HD pack is worth consideration.
Made initially on PC before being ported to mobile, the pack sports 32x, 64x, and 128x resolutions, allowing players to pick which resolution works best with their device.
The textures themselves are clean and blend well together, carrying an air of realism without going all-in into ultra HD territory. Thanks to these great textures, Minecraft players can expect a modern and appealing theme whether they’re indoors or outdoors.
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