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Villages are one of the best parts of Minecraft. They have tremendous loot, sometimes containing diamonds, armor, emeralds and food. They also have villagers who provide the player with several items through trade.
Villages are often sought out for these reasons, though they’re often a long distance from the spawn point.
To alleviate this, gamers will often try to find seeds that have villages close by, so that they can get ample loot and supplies through trade. Thanks to the 1.18 update, all seeds are universal across Bedrock and Java Edition.
Players must note that they can use the seeds listed below to access worlds in Minecraft’s Pocket Edition with ease.
This seed has beautiful terrain with both plains and jagged peaks biomes. Just to the north of spawn, there’s a plains biome tucked in between some jagged peaks that has two villages in it.
Players should spawn at 50, y, -50. The villages can be found at -150, y, -750.
This seed is great for a lot of reasons. Within 1,500 blocks, which is a small distance to travel, there are tons of biomes to visit. This is helpful for a lot of reasons, but the real selling point is the village that can be found right near spawn.
That doesn’t even include the ruined portal that is also near spawn.
The seed features a sprawling village that has plenty of buildings and gardens to loot. It would be a good seed for a village regardless, but the seed has something else to offer.
A Minecraft Pillager Outpost can be found right beside the village, which makes it perfect for conducted repeated raids. The village and outpost can be found around -1000, y, -800.
This seed has three villages right near spawn. Players can visit all three to loot up and head to a Pillager Outpost that is also very close by. Spawn coordinates are 50, y, 50 and the villages are close by.
Players can also go further out (400, y, -150) for a Minecraft igloo with basement and a fourth village (400, y, 150).
This seed is arguably the best for getting villages. Players will spawn in and find two villages almost immediately. These offer great loot and tons of villagers to trade with or breed.
When that’s done, crafters can move over to find a Woodland Mansion, which is usually incredibly difficult to find. If players spawn at 50, y, 50, they will find that everything is close by.
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