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Minecraft Pocket Edition has come a long way since it was first introduced. With it, players are able to bring the amazing world of Minecraft with them wherever they go.
Of course, this means building on the go and even designing amazing creations. However, players can also spruce things up a bit with modpacks that can change the game. Here are the top 10 must-haves for Minecraft PE.

Mods are basically modifications that allow players to change their game. This can be for simple things such as changing a few textures or sounds, to completely game altering mega mods.
Modpacks are just that, packs of mods that players can install to change up their gameplay. Usually, modpacks consist of items belonging to a theme that blend together to create a singular experience. Here are the best ones.

For players looking to spruce up their gameplay and change the way Minecraft works, this mod is a great way to start. Players can gain access to 10 different guns, with each having different effects and strengths. They can even try taking out those pesky creepers using a sniper rifle!

Fans of Minecraft and Pokemon will love this mashup that not only lets them see Pokemon out in the wild, but also capture and battle with them. And not to worry, because if Pokemon get injured, players can always take them to a Pokemon center in order to heal them.

Players who are looking to add a bunch of different armors and even weapons to the game can do just that with this fantastic modpack. They will be able to create armors from many different things such as gold, copper, and even pure netherite.
In addition, one can use new weapons such as chainsaws to approach combat in new and exciting ways.

Sometimes villagers can need a little protection in Minecraft. However, with this modpack, players will be able to give their villagers weapons and armor that will make them able to defend themselves a lot easier.
What’s more is that they can also recruit these villagers and have them accompany them on their journey out into the world, which can offer players a very well armored companion.

If a player is looking for more biomes to build their world upon, this modpack adds over 20 new ones to the game. If one is tired of having the same biomes and the same scenery, this can be a great way to breathe new life into the game.

For players who love animals, or those that just want to increase the variety of wildlife available in their worlds, this is an amazing modpack. This mod adds many different mobs that players can find, from safari animals all the way up to massive whales in the ocean.

No list of modpacks would be complete without a zombie apocalypse modpack. This is a great way for fans of any kind of zombie fiction to experience the thrill of a zombie apocalypse in the world of Minecraft.
Specifically tuned for players to survive against the zombie hordes, this will completely change the way it feels when they see a zombie in game.

Sometimes half the fun in Minecraft involves furnishing or decorating a player’s houses or buildings. This modpack adds over 200 items to the game and allows one to create some very high end looking homes and designs.
Sort of like the Sims, players will be able to tailor their house or build to their heart’s content with a lot more items.

Sometimes it’s good to just have a randomized experience. Lucky Block brings just that to the world. Whenever players open a lucky block in this modpack, it can cause a random effect. Maybe it will shower the player with diamonds, maybe it will spawn a wither? It all depends on luck.

Players of Minecraft and Fortnite can come together for this modpack that combines the two series. There are llamas and all sorts of Fortnite goodness that spawn into the world with this modpack active, and players can try to score that #1 Victory Royale.
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