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Many often wonder if they can play a GTA game on the Nintendo Switch. The answer to that question is: Yes. However, there is a very limited selection available on this highly popular console. The sole official title available for purchase on this platform as of July 2022 is the GTA Trilogy.
The game is technically a bundle of three remastered games, which are:
Nintendo Switch users cannot purchase these games individually as of July 2022.
The GTA Trilogy’s default price is $59.99, although the game does regularly go on discounts. If Nintendo Switch users want to see its eShop, here it is:
This game is available in both physical and digital formats. The three remastered Grand Theft Auto games included in this bundle attempt to be faithful to the original releases, while adding in a few quality-of-life features. It’s worth mentioning that the Trilogy’s average critic score on Metacritic is 46/100. Its user score is even lower than that, being rated 0.8/10 as of July 2022.
Still, it’s the only official Grand Theft Auto game available on this system. Rockstar Games has not yet made any announcements about porting other games from this series to the Nintendo Switch.
Some players who jailbreak their Nintendo Switch can play a multitude of games that are not officially available on this platform. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so, but it is an option for those who want to play other games not currently available to them.
For example, this old video highlighted the original Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, which are not available on this platform. Some gamers prefer them over the Definitive Editions for various reasons, such as fewer bugs and all of the original songs.
Players can either jailbreak the console themselves or buy one. Keep in mind that the latter option will vary in price depending on where one plans to purchase it.
As far as official ways go, players can only buy the GTA Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. They get three remastered Grand Theft Auto games in that bundle but cannot purchase any of the three separately from one another. This remaster is available in both physical and digital formats.
Using a jailbroken Nintendo Switch will give players access to games and other features that are not usually available to them, including some unavailable GTA titles. They either need the technical nous to do it themselves, or they can purchase one already jailbroken. Given that it’s not an official method, some problems may arise for players, although their mileage may vary.
There are no announced plans for other GTA games to appear on this console as of July 2022.
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