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Use the cards to make yourself strong!
There have been a lot of games as of late that have gotten a “rebirth” if you will via full-on remakes. Final Fantasy VII, Live a Live, and more. There are also a set of games that have come out that feature the “Tactics” style of gameplay that many people have been asking for more of, like with Triangle Strategy. You might notice that all of these games we’ve mentioned are under the banner of Square Enix, and you’d be right. They’ve been going overboard if you will in regards to how they’re trying to bring stuff back, and that includes with the upcoming rebirth of the classic Tactics Ogre: Reborn.
The game is meant to an update to the 2010 classic but with updated visuals and gameplay features to make it an even more wholesome game than it was before. Recently, there have been some key reveals about the game that definitely should be noted. Including how certain Tarot cards are going to affect your character creation!
As you’ll see in the tweet below, as you start the game, you’ll be presented with a bunch of cards, each one of which asks you a very specific question to determine your character. You’ll be given a set of three answers, and depending on how you answer the questions, you’ll get special stats in the game for your main character. So answer truthfully and then see what the game gives you:
Introducing the game systems of #TacticsOgre: Reborn:
👉🏼Tarot cards and character creation

Tarot cards are deeply connected to Tactics Ogre.
During character creation, several cards will appear and pose questions. Denam’s initial stats will change according to your answers. pic.twitter.com/fhIxlfd0HI
But wait, there’s more, also on Twitter, they noted how in the game, you’ll be able to use eight different elements between your various characters. The one that your main character in Denam will use shall depend on the god that you wish to seek divine protection through. You’ll be shown the eight gods and what element they control and then select the one you wish a blessing from. Obviously, this will heavily affect the gameplay as the elements will change things for you.
Introducing the game systems of #TacticsOgre: Reborn:
👉🏼Elements and Divine Protection

There are eight elements in total. Denam’s element will be determined by selecting which god that appears in the myth of Xytegenia he should seek protection from during character creation. pic.twitter.com/jdpjWQCoik
What other enhancements can you expect from Tactics Ogre: Reborn? Well, true to its upgrade, you’ll get not just better visuals, but fully voice-acted cutscenes to help bring more life into the world. As for the battles, you’ll be able to get through them more quickly if you want so you can get to the rest of the content quicker. Arguably one of the best features is that the AI is going to improved so that the enemies will adapt their tactics on the fly so that you’ll have a true challenge in every level.
Plus, your units will level up based on who they are and not just a class-wide leveling system like in the original.
You can see all the changes for yourself when the game arrives on November 11th.
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