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Combining two San Andreas experiences into one.
This mod for San Andreas adds GTA 5's menu and UI.
Who else feels like they've been watching the GTA 5 loading screens for hours over the past decade or so? Well, that's because we have thanks to the several different versions that Rockstar has released over the years, but if you feel like you could do with just a little more of GTA 5's distinct user interface in your life, modder gennariarmando has you covered.
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The mod was released by gennariarmando on GitHub and is called V-Hud. It's described as a "work-in-progress user interface overhaul, for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, based on Grand Theft Auto 5. Project has been made in order to replicate accurately most of the UI elements present in GTA 5."
Twitter user TheNathanNS was the first to showcase the mod, revealing just how effective it is for making San Andreas' menus look like that of GTA 5's. The video shows the game starting up for the first time, where the first change is shown, as the main loading screen now has a brief synopsis of the game next to the character art, mimicking how GTA 5 shows GTA Online information when loading into the main game.
The next part of the video shows the settings menu, which is now pretty much just taken directly from GTA 5, with the exact same noises and all. It's hard to picture San Andreas without the large "WOMP" noises as you scroll through the main menu, but here it is.
Finally, actual gameplay footage from San Andreas is shown, but this time it's got the GTA 5 map in the lower left corner. The player then pauses the footage to reveal the same pause menu from GTA 5 with the same map layout. Whether it's been tweaked for any changes between San Andreas and GTA 5 isn't clear, but the little touches like Carl's face in the top right are appreciated. Perhaps the best change is in the form of a weapon wheel, which is shown right at the end of the footage.
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