GTA Trilogy: Why San Andreas' Jetpack Cheat Is Worth Doing Early – Screen Rant

The Jetpack is GTA: San Andreas’ best vehicle by a long shot, and it’s worth using a cheat code to gain access to it long before it was intended.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a game filled with cheat codes and exploits, and one of the most useful was the jetpack cheat. While it may not break the game entirely, it is incredibly useful for many situations. It’s a bit surprising that the jetpack has not become a GTA mainstay despite how good it was in San Andreas.
In GTA: San Andreas, the player could activate cheat codes through a series of button inputs on the controller. While there were classic cheats such as restoring health, infinite ammo, and maximum stats, the player could also use cheats to spawn various vehicles. Among these vehicles summonable by cheats is the Jetpack, which can normally only be unlocked through The Truth’s “Black Project” mission later in the game. However, a cheat can spawn it as early as the game’s opening chapter, letting the player benefit from it right away.
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Finding GTA: San Andreas‘ Jetpack is rewarding, but cheating to get it early is even better. The jetpack can provide the player with advantages that they cannot gain any other way, and ironically, its best use is arguably long before the player would be able to get it normally. It only takes a few minutes to see how the Jetpack is one of CJ’s best tools.
The most obvious advantages of the Jetpack are what one would immediately expect. It is a small vehicle that lets the player fly, and it can move at a pretty respectable pace as well. Considering that a decent amount of the Grand Theft Auto series involves driving from place to place, the value of the Jetpack should immediately be apparent.
Weaving between cars isn’t even an option that Jetpack users have to worry about, because the Jetpack can fly above traffic entirely, evading traffic as easily as if CJ had been using Spider-Man’s powers. Not only that, but they can fly straight over buildings as well. When using the Jetpack, players don’t even have to take roads into account, and they can fly in a straight line towards whatever their objective may be. This turns navigation into the easiest aspect of the game by far because all the player has to do is point themselves at the target and fly.
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This may be one of the bigger reasons why the Jetpack is hidden away for most of the game. The Jetpack trivializes navigation entirely. While flying the Jetpack is infinitely easier than driving from place to place, it’s hard to dislike as it helps the players get to the real meat of the game, the missions, much more easily.
There are a few different types of collectibles scattered around San Andreas, each of which has its own associated reward. When fighting San Andreas‘ despicable C.R.A.S.H. unit, every possible advantage is good to have. In order to find them all, the player will need to navigate the map and find all of the locations manually, which can take a lot of time, especially for more obscure locations. However, The Jetpack makes this task quite a bit more manageable.
As previously mentioned, traveling with the Jetpack completely negates roads as something that the player needs to keep track of. That means that all the player has to do for collectibles is open a guide and fly to each location. What makes this more enticing is that every set of collectibles in the game comes with its own reward for completion. The best reward of all comes from the graffiti tags, which are all in the game’s starting area, Los Santos. Spraying over every tag in San Andreas will not only upgrade the Grove Street gang members’ arsenals but spawn multiple weapons in CJ’s house, letting the player get re-armed every time they go back home.
Even with the jetpack, finishing collections will be a time-consuming endeavor because of just how many of them there are to find. However, the Jetpack makes the traveling process much easier, in return making it more convenient to collect a full set. Collectible rewards are worth the effort, so hopping on the Jetpack and putting in the work to find them is a good use of the player’s time.
The Grand Theft Auto series is famous for giving players near-complete freedom to run around the world between missions. Many players like to use this freedom to cause chaos, which inevitably brings trouble for CJ. Even without glitchy, teleporting cops in GTA, the cops can still be a major danger to players. However, the Jetpack, used properly, can help CJ avoid danger from both cops and rival gangs if used properly.
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The jetpack’s speed is on par with some of the game’s cars, so it has potential as a getaway vehicle. However, the fact that CJ is largely exposed while using it means that starting it up while actively being fired upon is not a wise decision. Instead, players can mount the Jetpack before an expected danger comes, and blast into the sky and away from trouble. If one is feeling especially confident, then they could shoot at enemies while flying, then jet away before taking too much damage. It’s a risky maneuver, but players who are skilled and confident enough could pull off some impressive flyby attacks. Unfortunately, not all missions allow the Jetpack, so San Andreas‘ detested Supply Lines mission must be completed in the usual fashion.
For many players, fighting and causing havoc in GTA are a big part of the game’s appeal, so they wouldn’t want to shy away from danger. However, for those more focused on avoiding the penalties of dying or being arrested, the Jetpack is a great tool for keeping CJ safe. They just have to make sure that they can make a clean escape rather than turning CJ into a floating target.
The Jetpack is one of the most fun tools in San Andreas, and it’s a shame that it’s normally so hard to access. It is fair that the developers made it that way though, considering how it effortlessly overshadows every car in the game. When it comes to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheat codes, the Jetpack cheat is definitely the most valuable.
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