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Shader packs are typically associated with Minecraft Java Edition, and it’s not without reason. Many in the community create and use shaders for Java Edition. However, what many gamers may not have realized is that Pocket Edition also has access to some shaders.
Pocket Edition shaders may not be as popular, but there are some really nice shader packs that make a big difference for the game. They can be downloaded from sites like MCPEDL, which house all the shader packs that are compatible with certain versions of Pocket Edition.
Here’s which ones are the best right now.
This shader pack retextures the sky to tremendous effect. Instead of the same boring light blue sky that Minecraft typically has, this shader turns it into a realistic and stunning skyscape. It doesn’t change much else, but players will have a tough time looking at anything else anyway.
This is one of the more frightening shaders available for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which draws many players to it. The resource pack mainly adds a dark fog to the world, which makes everything seem a bit more eerie. It completely changes how the game feels and how it is played.
One of the most important parts of a shader pack is when it’s been updated. If a shader pack hasn’t been updated in a while, it might be of lower quality or have significant issues. Fortunately, that’s not a problem for AziFy. This shader was updated less than two weeks ago, so it’s about as current as it gets. Players can download this without fear that anything is going to be wrong.
It introduces sunset and sunrise reflections, sun bloom, direct light, glowing ores, waving water, thicker clouds and much more that players can enjoy.
This shader pack is inspired by OptiFine, which is considered the best Java Edition mod. The esthetics for the original OptiFine are great and this shader pack replicates that pretty well for Pocket Edition. It removes some unnecessary features and modifies others as well as retexturing some features from vanilla Minecraft.
OptiFine RK adds glass panels to doors, makes a few interfaces (pumpkin head and spyglass) transparent, and adds a quick crafting button, too.
Takashi shaders are probably the best shaders for Pocket Edition and are among the best for any platform. One of the best parts of the shader has to be the water, which looks fantastic.
Overall, everything looks improved, but many players specifically get it for the improved water texture. It doesn’t drastically change the aesthetic, so it still feels like Minecraft, but it improves each part.
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