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The Grand Theft Auto series is full of some amazing things, but some weapons are just going to land players in trouble.
Throughout the GTA series, Rockstar Games has given players an array of weapons to defend themselves. From Flamethrowers to Screwdrivers, titles have included weaponry related to each game's location and era. Some weapons look intimidating but aren't lethal, and others are featured solely for novelty purposes.
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Low damage, poor handling, and a slow rate of fire are the main reasons certain weapons are forgotten about. Melee weapons have limited range, but some can actually be fatal. While many decent firearms in the series deserve recognition, some questionable weapons are among the worst in the eyes of GTA fans.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the best games released on the PS2, features an array of weapons but only two semi-automatic rifles. The Country Rifle, also simply called the Rifle, does not match up to the weapon's only competition, the Sniper.
Despite its long barrel, the Country Rifle doesn't have a scope, which is surprising given that it is obviously designed for long-range purposes. This flaw reduces the weapon's accuracy when aiming at distant targets. To make things worse, the Rifle is not as powerful as its preferred scoped counterpart. CJ can only equip one of the two; in most cases, gamers will nearly always pick the Sniper.
Proximity Mines are unfavored weapons in GTA V and GTA Online. Although they can be thrown, players cannot control the explosive once the mine is armed. If a vehicle or pedestrian comes too close to a proximity mine, only then will it detonate, and gamers can spend a lot of time waiting for enemies to fall into their devastating trap.
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In Grand Theft Auto 2, the explosives are called "Vehicle Mines," and operate similarly in the series' latest title. When there are rocket launchers and sticky bombs at your disposal, there is almost no need for the proximity mine. The hand-held weapon is not to be confused with mines deployed by vehicles, such as the APC.
Although it can be a threat up close, the SNS Pistol is pretty inaccurate. It's featured in GTA V and the multiplayer equivalent, and it is the gun with the shortest range, not including shotguns. The SNS Pistol has very few customization options to add to its unappealing notoriety.
It is instantly available to new players in GTA Online, so it's also considered a starting weapon. Because the pistol is compact, one advantage is that online gamers may be unable to see the weapon in the protagonist's hand, giving them a false sense of security. But with much better handguns up for grabs, the SNS Pistol is a weapon gamers choose to avoid.
The stun gun is one of the least used weapons in the GTA series. Although game files for a stun gun were present in the PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the weapon first appeared in GTA: Chinatown Wars and was called the Teaser. The shocking weapon is also seen in GTA V and was made available in GTA Online after The Contract update.
The electrifying handgun has a very short range and a tedious rate of fire. In the latest single-player release, it takes 3 seconds for the Stun Gun to recharge, and in GTA Online, it takes even longer. The weapon can incapacitate opponents for roughly 5 seconds, but if hostiles wield a gun with typical ammo, they will likely win in a firefight. The Stun Gun's attributes are nothing to brag about, which puts it among the worst weapons in the series.
Things were a little different inGrand Theft Auto, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. There weren't many weapons to choose from, and the 2D aspect made it very hard to aim. The only single-shot firearm is the Pistol, and using it to hit targets is a considerable challenge.
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The Pistol is used by most officers and criminals, and has a steady fire rate. Even after getting used to the game mechanics, the Pistol, the gun which deals the least damage, is never the best weapon to choose. Even one of the game's informative hints tells players that the best way to wipe out enemies is with an automatic weapon.
An arguably pointless melee weapon is the Broken Bottle. It appeared in GTA V and GTA Online after The Beach Bum DLC was released. The close-range glass weapon cannot be thrown, and unlike other blades, it can only be used out of the water.
Players lunge at their opponents with the Broken Bottle that deals just as much damage as the Knife. However, when it comes to facing armed enemies with this impractical melee weapon, it's fairly difficult to get close to your target without getting shot. Surprisingly, the Bottle can be found on the shelves at Ammu-Nation.
In every installment from the series, gamers can use their fists to fight their way through the world of GTA. When the protagonist is Wasted or Busted in the 3D universe, they will respawn without their weapons. As a result, players will often find themselves unarmed and be forced to use their Fists until a better weapon can be found.
Fists are seen as a melee weapon and deal low damage to nearby foes. In dangerous neighborhoods, such as Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas, some pedestrians will be concealing a firearm, so retaliating with punches doesn't get gamers very far. In GTA Online, where it can be hard to stay alive, fighting with Fists can feel like being at the bottom of the food chain.
In December 2014, fans first witnessed the Festive Suprise update in the newest GTA title. Each year, Los Santos is graced with snowfall, a weather variation that makes the roads slightly slippier and allows gamers to throw snowballs at one another. Snow will usually appear in the game in the run-up to Christmas and last for one or two weeks.
Snowballs can be thrown a great distance, but are tricky to aim. Impressively, a pedestrian will die after three hits, but online players will be able to withstand much more before respawning at a hospital. The Snowball is bittersweet as the throwable weapon invigorates excitement but has terrible damage. And, before you know it, the snow disappears, and players go back to throwing tear gas and grenades.
In GTA: San Andreas, one of the best games of the 2000s, players can find bunches of Flowers around various parts of the map. The primary use is for giving as a gift to CJ's girlfriends to ensure his dates go well. The Flowers appear in gamers' weapons list and are classed as a melee weapons.
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Like most melee weapons in the series, the Flowers can only cause harm at close range. Despite how delicate flowers actually are, players can still use the bouquet to cause minor damage to opponents. That being said, it's hardly anyone's weapon of choice, and perhaps the worst melee weapon in the series.
As fun as it might be, the Firework Launcher from GTA V and GTA Online doesn't have much purpose. The weapon's name is a perfect description of its function, and although it looks quite lethal in first-person view and sounds like a real firework, it causes very little damage to pedestrians and vehicles.
The Firework Launcher was first seen in the Independence Day Special DLC and is now a recurring weapon made available on special occasions. The novelty launcher appears in the heavy weapon slot and is undoubtedly the weakest weapon of its kind. With limited ammo and only seconds of entertainment, the weapon quickly renders itself useless.
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