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Surviving in GTA: San Andres can be rough. These cheats can make all the difference.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is considered by many fans to be one of Rockstar Games' best titles. The sixth installment in the franchise received a remake last year as part of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and most of the game's cheat codes still work on the latest version.
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With over 80 cheats, GTA: San Andreas has a lot more hidden alterations than just raising or lowering the wanted level. Many of the best cheats are frequently used to make things easier or save time for players. Others are appreciated for their entertainment value and let gamers experience San Andreas in a different way.
Just a few bullets can drastically reduce CJ's health, and the AI is pretty good at aiming compared to other GTA titles. With this in mind, the best cheat in the game may be the one that replenishes CJ's health, provides body armor, and gives players a generous cash injection.
Earning money can be a long process, but with some on-the-spot cash, players can buy assets and property where they can also save their game. If there aren't any health pick-ups around during a firefight, and gamers don't want to use the "(Almost) Infinite Health" cheat, "Health, Armor, and Money" will do the trick.
GTA: San Andreas was the first title to include the "Jetpack" cheat, and for a long time it was the only game in the series that has the feature. Since climbing most ladders is not an option, Jetpack" is a convenient way of ascending buildings and cliffs.
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Players can use the "Mega Jump" cheat to get to those hard-to-reach places, but it can be hard to control. "Jetpack" can propel players through the air in every direction and quickly take gamers across the map. The one-man aircraft cannot be targeted by missiles, and it doesn't run out of fuel.
In GTA: San Andreas, CJ has fitness stats that affect the protagonist's performance and capabilities. Filling up the muscle stat is time-consuming and requires several trips to the gym. Using the "Max Muscle" cheat gives CJ instant pecs and also boosts his Respect and Sex Appeal stats.
The extra strength that "Max Muscle" adds will make CJ appear more muscular. As a result, players will also inflict better damage with melee weapons and lose less health after falling. Having maximum muscle has its perks, not to mention pecs.
Although later titles include this feature, free aiming while driving is only achievable with a cheat in GTA: San Andreas. Without "Free Aim," players can only shoot to the immediate left or right when they are driving. The cheat allows skilled gamers to focus more on their target and less on the road.
When the cheat is active, players can freely aim their crosshair with 360-degree vision. CJ will change position and even climb out of the window to get a good shot. Realistically, this would affect one's driving ability, but it doesn't in GTA: San Andreas. The advantageous aiming cheat is one hidden feature not to be missed.
A favorite ride for GTA fans is the BMX. It may not be the fastest mode of transportation, but it's certainly a lot of fun, and Rockstar has always allowed players to bunny hop when a BMX is present.
In GTA: San Andreas, the "Super Bunny Hop" cheat does exactly what it says. Although CJ bunny hops higher when the Cycling skill is upgraded, this cheat takes the protagonist to new heights. With the "Super Bunny Hop," players can reach rooftops, jump over highways, and achieve some impressive air time.
When CJ gets Busted or Wasted, he will respawn without his weapons. Collecting them again can be a hassle and frequent trips to Ammu-Nation are a costly expenditure. So, Rockstar included three weapons cheats for players to take advantage of.
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Each cheat gives gamers a melee weapon, automatic firearm, and a throwable explosive. While the "Weapons 2" cheat arms players with a flamethrower, the "Weapons 1" cheat is arguably the better option. This cheat includes a Mini SMG and an AK-47 as well as a Rocket Launcher and Brass Knuckles. It also gives players a Spray Can to paint over enemy gangs' graffiti tags.
The "Flying Cars" cheat is a speedy way to get around San Andreas. Cars are readily available in the game, and after hijacking one, flying across town can be very efficient. Once airborne, using gravity to pick up speed is essential, and after a few attempts, gamers will get used to the mechanics of a flying car.
It's a good idea to take a parachute in case the vehicle gets badly damaged and CJ needs to skydive to safety. Combined with this, and the "Drive On Water" cheat, there aren't many places a flying car, or tank, can't travel to.
Players must upgrade their car in a Vehicle Mod Shop to change wheels, add spoilers, and install nitrous. These garages are available after completing the mission "Cesar Vialpando," but the "All Cars Have Nitrous" cheat lets new players use the speed boost without paying for it.
Of course, the nitrous results vary from car to car, and the game's fastest vehicles can reach crazy speeds and perform insane stunts. The cheat really comes in handy when players aim to complete all 70 Unique Stunt Jump challenges located around San Andreas.
"Chaos Mode" is a cheat that really shakes things up. Once activated, players will witness reckless driving, exploding vehicles, and civilians fighting. People in the streets with a weapon will likely use it, including the police officers.
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In this unpredictable setting, there is evidence of destruction throughout San Andreas including abandoned cars, several fires, and streets littered with debris. Although there aren't many advantages to the madness, the cheat is guaranteed to entertain and players will also find a variety of weapons and money dropped amongst the carnage.
Several vehicles can be spawned on cue, and there's a cheat for every occasion. From hovercrafts to helicopters, the vehicle cheats are the quickest way for gamers to get their hands on some nice wheels or aircraft. The Hydra is a favorite for GTA fans and the VTOL jet made its debut in GTA: San Andreas.
The Hydra's weaponry includes a powerful cannon and lock-on missiles, and it can hover in the air which makes it easier to hit targets. The versatile aircraft is also the game's fastest plane which puts it among the most sought-out vehicles. It can be tricky to find and difficult to evade enemy fire, so the "Spawn Hydra" cheat lets players perfect their aviation abilities with ease.
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